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Genre: Rock

Formed: 2008 in , Struthers, OH

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Soundgarden, the Beatles, Faith No More, Alkaline Trio, Led Zeppelin, 311, the Damned, Rush, GreenDay, the Foo Fighters, ivet, Eve 6, a Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins


Clearscale was formed by Nick Donchess and Angelo Scordo in the Fall of 2008 with original drummer Ricky, who left two gigs in. Over Christmas of 2008, Nick's brother Brad was visiting for the holiday and Nick asked the inevitable, "dude our drummer skated, can you fill in?" Without hesitation Brad said "Dude, I'm down!". After one practice, the Clearscale sound was formed and the dream of Nick and Brad finally playing together came to fruition. With Angelo, a brother from another mother, Nick, Angelo, and Brad have formed a unit producing a sound that is really nothing that is being played in the clubs today. The song writing credits belong to Nick, the song structuring to Angelo and the drum and vocal coordination to Brad, Clearscale has found a brotherhood to bring a clear and positive musical message to the masses.


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