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Neon Avenue

Genres: Pop, Pop/Rock

Formed: 2011 in , Youngstown, OH

E-mail: jjebooking@gmail.com

Upcoming shows

None scheduled


Neon Avenue is an Indie Rock group with musicians of an eclectic background. The group prides itself on writing and performing music that is interesting and listenable.

Justin has played in local groups such as "Lyrical.Shake.Down" and "The Denial Stage", as well as releasing two pop CD's as a solo artist.

Ryan has a passion for music like no other. His unique style has contributed to such projects as "The Denial Stage" and brings an element of power to the music.

Cutlip has made a name for himself with his rock project, "SexTon", and continues to be the driving force behind our unique bass lines. His unrivaled ability to refine harmonies and put his own spin on the bass riffs truly fills the whole musical experience in.

Steve is an extremely gifted guitarist whose progressive rock influences bring and entirely unique sound to the solos and guitar riffs. His project, "Centerpeace", is a showcase of his musical talents.


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