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Genres: Metal / Hardcore, Rock

Formed: 1999 in , Youngstown, OH

Web site: http://www.myspace.com/rebreather

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Rebreather draws from the thunderous volumes of Cavity and Floor as much as they do from Barkmarket's twitchy finesse and Hum's melodic rumble. To say that Rebreather simply mimics any of these acts is sorely missing the point. While some bands are happy to move small chunks of ground by following their contemporaries, Rebreather takes the tomes of the elder gods and completely rewrites them. Rebreather was built in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1999 with the introduction of Barley Rantilla (guitar/vocal) and Jake Harnett (guitar) to Chad Fondak (bass) and Jeremy Koerber (drums). In a commitment to make the simplest yet heaviest music possible, they soon recorded their first 4 song demo, which was immediately followed by their second demo, Longplay. After Jake left the band for the west coast, Infernal Racket Records (Philadelphia, PA) put out Rebreather's first national release, "Need Another Seven Astronauts". Deep Send Records (Hanover, MA) directly succeeded this by releasing the bands first two demos together as one album, "Half Speed Ahead", in 2003. 2004 brought a split ep on Twin Earth Records (GA). Between periodic chunks of downtime, Rebreather replaced their founding drummer with veteran player, Steve Gardner. "Sunflower", their newest full length album, will be released on "Nice Life!" (Columbus, OH) in 2008, as will be a "best of rebreather" vinyl release on "Heavy Slab Records" (Brooklyn, NY), featuring songs from each release and also including 3 never released tracks. Call it organized chaos. Rebreather shows that they are creating more than a barrage of stark noise and earthen sludge. They are creating songs; glorious, winding songs that allow dissonant, harmonic guitar/bass tones to soothe instead of strike, drumming that builds instead of batters and vocals that adopt a powerful sense of shimmering vulnerability. This is music to enhance the senses. This is music to darken the mood as well as uplift it. This is attention to detailed melody within fury. This is Rebreather and they wouldn't have it any other way.


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