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Synergy Factor

Genres: Alt / Indie rock, Metal / Hardcore, Rock

Formed: 2008 in , Youngstown, OH

Web site: http://www.myspace.com/synergyfactor



Synergy Factor was formed in May 2008 by (Vin Raver) former Drummer of (Burning Records' Vessel). Finding (Chaz Davis) former Guitarist of (Bad Summer) who had moved to Ohio from South Carolina to form a band, They started working out their sound music and ideas.

While working with one another they came across (Tom Perrotta) later on in the year (Pat Celli) former Bassist of (Six To Midnight) was found... Working with one another as time went on they had found the last piece of the Synergy Factor puzzle, Singer song writer (Gary De France) A Solo acoustic artist that came on board after hearing Synergy Factor at a show.

As they found the members that would complete (Synergy Factor) they became both closer and tighter as a family and band, they became a melting pot of influences.. Coming from different genres, styles, places and upbringings to make the Rock/Alternative/Metal band you hear today..



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