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Book Signing: Timothy Thomas' "Bad Road"

Event Information:

When: Monday, Oct. 4, 2010, 7 p.m.

Age limit: All ages

Where: Knox Bldg
110 W. Federal St.
Youngstown, OH

Categorized under: Art | Literary.

Recuring Event? No

Long Description: BAD ROAD is most fairly called an ‘autobiographical fiction’. It’s an anonymous tale of failure, redemption and failure. A young man, born in a typical family with an atypical mindset, journeys through a variety of bad choices, seeks acceptance from his peers and relief from the voices in his head. Ending the first leg of his life journey with an addiction and a suicide wish, he gets another chance in the form of a recovery program and a love he (thought he) always wanted. Having positive changes outside, he struggles to manifest the same changes within, but finds the journey inside to be much more arduous than the one outside. He begins making familiar choices again. With everything in life being a road that goes to its own destination, the young man has to make a series of decisions that can lead to the fulfillment of his dreams or the culmination of his every nightmare. In this reality, the flip of a coin can change a person’s life forever, and often does, as the protagonist of this tale finds out the hard way. The book is available at the Publish America website, at http://www.publishamerica.com/. Timothy Thomas was born in Youngstown Ohio in April of 1968. A graduate of the Youngstown East High School, Timothy has been writing and performing poetry here and in Columbus Ohio for the past 20 plus years. Living in Columbus for 10 years, he co-formed The Church of the Eternal Vibologism, an interactive performance art/poetry group, and founded the philosophy of Vibologism, the art of the science of the spoken word. That doesn’t really mean much, but he likes us to mention it whenever possible. In recent years, he has devoted his time to raising his daughter and working on manuscripts. A recovering alcoholic and addict, Timothy continues to be active in the recovery community. BAD ROAD is his first published novel, soon to be followed by MECHANICAL JESUS. He again resides in Youngstown with his daughter Sydney, and is trying to generate interest in a more inclusive open mic poetry session.

Event posted: Sept. 20, 2010

Last updated: Aug. 16, 2016

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