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ruKus radio provides musical alternative

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Published: Wed, December 19, 2007 @ 8:31 p.m.

'Blasting forth with complete disregard for the mainstream.'

The Kellys are causing a ruKus again, only this time, it has the potential to reach fans all over the world.

ruKus radio, an Internet radio program, was started in August by Kellys' bassist Moe Angelo and local acoustic performer Trevor Quillan. They named it ruKus after The Kellys’ independent record label.

Angelo said the idea started about three years ago, but since meeting Quillan, the idea has become a reality. Quillan brought the knowledge and experience that was necessary for Angelo to make ruKus radio happen.

Currently there are six and a half episodes available for download, including the newest episode that premiered this week.

Episode .5 was launched in the midst of a time crunch with VexFest IV. Since August, episodes have been recorded in the form of podcasts.

During an episode of ruKus radio, expect to hear indie music from all over the world mixed with enlightening conversation.

“We’re spanning all genres,” Angelo said. “I don’t care what it sounds like. I just love having the freedom of playing whatever the fuck I want.”

Trevor Quillan of Furthermind Promotions considers himself to be the “color commentator” of the show, but when ruKus radio goes live, just after the first of the year, he’ll be in charge of programs and the technical aspect of operating an Internet radio station.

Quillan says ruKus radio is so diverse and independent that it can’t be classified in any genre.

“Our mission is to further every single person’s mind in the world,” Quillan said.

Angelo said while the language restrictions aren’t like commercial radio, they do try to keep the topics respectable. He said, though, that some of the talks are really heated because they’re passionate about what they discuss.

Regarding their choice of topics, he said, “There are some things we just don’t want to touch. We prefer not to offend mass groups of people if at all possible. Even in humor, people still become offended.”

Angelo said his main reason for creating ruKus radio is to give bands and performers an alternative outlet. He’s been writing and playing music for years, he said, and wants to give artists another avenue for exposure.

And his band is backing him 100 percent.

The Kellys' lead singer Kelly McCracken said ruKus radio has always been Angelo’s idea. She said it helps The Kellys with what they’re doing while helping other local and national indie bands.

“I've always been all for it,” McCracken said. “We care about music as a whole. It's giving everyone else the chance to have their music played. Though there has been no commitment made, McCracken says she has talked about having her own show when ruKus radio begins streaming live.

The episodes are available now on Valley24.com. Angelo said he’s hoping that after the beginning of the year, they’ll be streaming simultaneously from Valley24.com and www.rukusradio.net.

ruKus radio - eps. 1-6

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By callica ( anonymous )

Rukus radio rocks...nice story!

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

You guys rule! Thanks so much for a bitchin' story!

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"Regarding their choice of topics, he said, 'There are some things we just don’t want to touch. We prefer not to offend mass groups of people if at all possible. Even in humor, people still become offended.'"

i have found the edge and you fellas LIVE ON IT!

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

Bob, seriously dude. Come out of the basement for a night on the town with us. We'll show you exactly what ruKus is all about.


By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

i'll get back to you after i roll this 20-sided die and calculate my ac (armor class)

By danager ( anonymous )

After reading all this I have to admit there is a terdload of humor throughout. Kudos to those that took the time to read these comments, Oh! and Opinions.
Is it not the job of the "journalists," lol, to spark an interest, to start a conversation among individuals? And, (there goes that conjunction) is it not the job of the artist to do the same thing just utilizing a different platform? We all have the instinct to want to either sway towards another peron's idea/s or to get another person to sway towards our idea/s. That's how we all more or less get along.
Ahh, that's a bunch of horse terds! At least somebody is DOING something in this @$$hole of the earth we call Youngstown, oHIo. Opinions are like @$$holes everybody's got one and what I think (which doesn't really matter) is - THE ONLY BAD PRESS IS NO PRESS! So yall keep writing and hopefully "they" will keep reading.

"Peace, Love, Dope!" G. Carlin
See yall!
PS I hpoe I seplled evreytinhg corerctly.

By IWillShitYoungstown ( anonymous )

I listened and tried to give you guys a try but seriously, wtf?

If your idea of furthering every single person's mind in the world is to be accomplished by rambling like a highschooler high on marijuana, then maybe you should rethink your strategy (or change your IQ).

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

son, we don't insult podcasts 'round these parts *loads shotgun*

By IWillShitYoungstown ( anonymous )

don't go all deliverence on me now

By IWillShitYoungstown ( anonymous )

go back to stow, raciest queer

By danager ( anonymous )

So far I believe ruKus radio is making a wave and the offshore breezes are causing it to increase in intensity!
Keep up the good work guys!

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