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A hybrid of hip-hop and rock

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Published: Tue, December 25, 2007 @ 4:29 p.m.

YOUNGSTOWN — On Dec. 29, a statement will be made in the Youngstown scene.

Local hip-hop artists, DaBoondox, along with pop-rockers, The Kellys, will try to “Bridge the Gap” between their styles in a five-band, multi-genre show at Barleys on Federal Plaza downtown.

Masterminds behind the event, Troy Napier and Jeff Killin of DaBoondox say they’ve always liked all genres of music. They hooked up with The Kellys at VexFest IV and decided to do the show together. Napier said when they were at VexFest, he noticed that most of the local genres were represented.

“We kinda said, ‘let’s bridge this gap’ between genres,” Napier said. “It’s going to be a real positive, diverse event.”

The Kellys agreed. Lead singer Kelly McCracken and bassist Moe Angelo said their band is very much like DaBoondox in the fact that they want to see local music in the Valley flourish.

“Good people enjoy good music,” Angelo said. “The people that are going to be there are going to listen to this stuff and give it a shot.”

McCracken agreed: “It’s two genres coming together for a night of music.”

Steve “S-Pomp” Pompili said he immediately signed on to the Bridge the Gap show because he’s good friends with Napier and Killin. He opens for them regularly and this show will be no different.

“I think it’s a good thing for every style of music to come together for one great show,” Pompeli said. “We’re trying to show unity.”

On Nov. 19, DaBoondox played a “Bridge the Gap” preview at The Cell with local acoustic artist Trevor Quillan. They said about 175 people were there — mostly hip-hop fans, but Quillan was enjoyed by the group and left a positive vibe for DaBoondox to take the stage.

“A lot of these rappers around here won’t give rock a chance,” Napier said. “We’re open-minded.”

Killin agreed : “If you’re local music, we’ll listen to you.”

Quillan told both DaBoondox and Valley24.com that he got a better response at that show than any other he’s played in the area.

“It was the most attentive show I played for a group of people,” Quillan said. “DaBoondox themselves are not about what everything needs to sounds like... They have an incredible fan base.”

That result may be attributed to Quillan’s powerful lyrics and calming aura, but it may also have to do with DaBoondox’s way of doing things.

Killin said DaBoondox do things differently than a lot of area hip-hop artists. The infamous phrase “Mutha Fucka” is rarely, if ever, used in their shows, he said.

We want our music represented positively,” Killin said. “There’s not a lot of talking... We put on a show.”

Pompili said that bridging the gap isn’t a show as much as it’s a movement.

“Hopefully, once [the community] sees this show, they will open their eyes,” Pompili said.

Along with DaBoondox and The Kellys, Off the Rocker, Da Kreek and S-Pomp will be performing at the show.

The Kellys said that during their set, they will perform a cover of DaBoondox song, “Wounded World.” DaBoondox will rap and McCracken will sing the hook while the song is played by the band.

“It’s collaboration at its best,” Napier said.

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