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Posture Coach on the road

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Published: Thu, December 27, 2007 @ 9:58 p.m.

They're stopping at five cities across the country.

After playing together in Youngstown for more than four years, Posture Coach is going on the road.

Band members Erich Booth, Kris Mills and Dennis Thomas said they will be playing five shows across the United States, beginning Jan. 2. The Zou actually planned the tour a while ago and Posture Coach was going to go along. For whatever reason, plans were never finalized, so when The Zou offered them two dates, Denver and Albuquerque, they couldn’t refuse.

As of now, Posture Coach will be playing at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, The Cell Theater in Albuquerque, a TBA venue in either Wichita or Topeka, Kan., Cafe Berlin in Columbia, Mo., and somewhere in Detroit.

Tomorrow, Posture Coach has a show at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh, they’re playing First Night Youngstown New year’s Eve, then they’re driving out New Years Day in hopes of making it to Denver before their show on Jan. 2.

Their show in Columbia was booked by a member of the now-defunct Anchors for Architects. They played with Posture Coach at Cedars Lounge when they were in town, and Booth said they’re one of the better bands Posture Coach has played with.

Before this excursion, Posture Coach played at CBGB in New York’s Manhattan in front of a small crowd during summer 2006. They said when they do play out of the area, people who like their music usually buy a CD.

“If we get one new fan at each show that continues to listen, it’s worth it,” Thomas said.

Since Posture Coach is currently suffering from monetary distress, the band has to be thrifty while on the road. While they hope to crash at random houses, they said for most of their trip, they plan to shower at truck stops and sleep in their van.

“I’m kinda looking forward to not showering,” Thomas said. Mills, on the other hand, is not that excited: “I look really bad when I don’t shower. I look like Dennis.”

Since Posture Coach put out their first CD “Give The Excess” earlier this year, they have been working on some new songs. They said they have about six new ones for the tour, as well as Black Sabbath’s War Pigs cover. Posture Coach’s interesting and unique sound may not make sense to a lot of their fans, but Booth said the songs are “mathematically constructed.”

“I think most people listen to us for the complex rhythmic structures,” Booth said.

Mills said someone usually starts off with a guitar rift, and instead of complementing it, Mills counters it. It’s almost as if she makes an effort to stray away from the guitar, she said.

“I still refuse to be a bass player,” Mills said. “I’m a lead guitarist.”

As for the lyrics, Posture Coach sees those as being another musical component. They said they sing rhythmically and that most of the lyrics are an afterthought to the music.

Whether you love them or hate them, Posture Coach’s one-of-a-kind sound definitely catches people’s attention. They said, usually, people are very receptive to their music and offer them compliments.

“I don’t think we’ll get tomatoes thrown at us,” Thomas said. Mills responded, “But I like tomatoes, they’re yummy.”

So far, they said they’ve never had tomatoes thrown at them and they don’t plan on that happening in the future.

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