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Youngstown gets new event planner

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Published: Tue, January 15, 2008 @ 3:29 p.m.

Defend Youngstown creator Phil Kidd, Youngstown’s new director of events, special projects and community outreach, says he plans on raising the bar on what people expect when they come downtown.

"I've already told the people I've met in City Hall, 'I want you to be tired of me. I want to be in your face so much that you just want to get rid of me,' " Kidd said.

He signed a $41,124 contract with the city Tuesday, replacing Claire Maluso, longtime Federal Plaza director. According to The Vindicator, Maluso will help Kidd with the transition, staying on for "a short period" and getting paid no more than $6,000 or $7,000, according to Mayor Jay Williams.

The position, also known as Federal Plaza director though the plaza has been removed, is appointed by city council, whose members voted Kidd with a 6-1 vote during council's first meeting of the year Jan. 7.

"I don't see this as an eight-hour job. It's not even a 10-hour job," Kidd says. "I'm going to keep going until I get kicked out at night."

Kidd says one of the major changes will be making downtown efforts grassroots-based, bringing in community members to help plan, promote and work on downtown projects. He says he'd like to rely on implementing ideas for projects and events that are submitted by the community instead of focusing on his own.

"All day, every day, will be promotion. This is my passion: Finding ways to advance Youngstown is what I came here for," the 28-year-old Pittsburgh-area native said.

Kidd says he'll work in City Hall and answer to council, but he also plans to take a look at the job description to determine what exactly he’s responsible for, and what the job has or hasn't included in the past.

"I'm going to build upon what's been successful," he said.

First on his agenda is creating a Downtown Youngstown Web site, Facebook account, MySpace page and blog, which he says will be similar in structure to his Defend Youngstown online efforts. He says the Internet presence is just one of the things he's found that surprised him didn't exist already.

In advance of taking the position, Kidd says he already met with Youngstown State University officials. He said he plans to work with YSU interns to provide them with the opportunity to help plan and promote events, while "letting them embrace downtown and take ownership."

The internships would be paid, one semester jobs; the interns wll be required to have a passion for revitalizing the city. One project he says they'll be working on is doing surveys of visitors downtown at events to see where people are coming from. Where they note a lack of attendance they can send questionnaires out to residents in hopes of determining what could bring that downtown.

One change Kidd says Mahoning Valley residents can expect to see is more events linked with existing downtown businesses, similar to Buffalo Wild Wings’ summer concert series, Party on the Plaza. One of the first events of his doing will be a St. Patrick's Party that coordinates and involves all downtown establishments.

Another project party-goers could find useful is the reactivation of a downtown trolley. Kidd says there's no timeframe for creating the trolley, but it's "one of top agenda items." According to Kidd's vision of the trolley, it would be on a circuit around downtown and campus, making stops at bars, venues and restaurants.

Among the other projects, Kidd says, is a plan to reactivate and merge the Youngstown Arts and Entertainment District Association and the Downtown Business Owners Association. He says he plans to have a casual meeting first, then hopefully have the groups work together to create an organized business and entertainment organization.

One of the advantages he brings to the table, Kidd says, is a close working relationship with Phil Moore, executive director of the Mahoning County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Kidd says he and Moore will "combine resources to cross-promote similar interests."

As for Defend Youngstown, Kidd insists that the Pro-Yo community won't see any changes. His new job and Defend Youngstown mission statement are very different, with Defend Youngstown being much more politically oriented, he said.

"One plays off the other," Kidd says.

And to be certain he's working within his job description, Kidd says a change he's starting immediately is to make his work "completely transparent" to the public.

And as for profits from the Defend Youngstown T-shirts, Kidd says he'll continue making sure the profits go to events elsewhere in the city, such as work being planned for Wick Park on the city's North Side.

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By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

first step: hire giant crimson steelworkers to protect our city skyscrapers

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

You're on the right track Phil. It's nice to see someone NOT bashing Y-Town. Hybrid Studios would love to help you with anything you need, man.

By accentmedia ( anonymous )

We are behind you 100% Phil, and looking forward to working with you in getting the word out about what there is to do and see in the Downtown Youngstown area. Lets keep the vision alive and get the community involved......

By fratguylukeysu ( anonymous )

Man, this is awesome Phil.
I can't wait to see the new and exciting things that are going to take place in Youngstown.

I hate to say it.. but the song "Ding, dong the witch is gone.." comes to mind with the outsting of C. M.

I think that she was single handed holding back the rebirth of Youngstown, and now with someone full of energy, life, and passion like Phil what can we say but...


By TrevorQuillan ( anonymous )

the story rocks, the idea rocks, thank god for the positive... way to go phil

By 2evil ( anonymous )

So which tool voted AGAINST Phil?

By KLibecco ( Katie Libecco )

2evil, good question. It was Councilwoman Carol Rimedio-Righetti, D-4th, who voted against Kidd.
And from David Skolnick's report on the city council meeting Wednesday in The Vindicator, Jan. 17: "Also, as the council session was ending, Councilwoman Carol Rimedio-Righetti, D-4th, proposed Claire Maluso, the former Federal Plaza director, be hired on a full-time temporary basis through March 31 to help train Phil Kidd, who replaced her, effective Tuesday. Rimedio-Righetti, council’s finance chairwoman, didn’t know what Maluso would be paid.
Lawmakers unanimously adopted the proposal.
This is a change from the original plan for Maluso.
She was to be hired by the city administration to help Kidd in the transition for a short period of time, and organize ribbon cuttings and groundbreaking events for new and expanded businesses at a salary of up to $7,000."

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

obviously phil doesnt know what a disaster the trolley in downtown warren was.

no one used it. ohio people like their cars. hence the cutbacks for WRTA.

the white college kids wouldnt use it because scary poor/homeless people would ride it.

trolley = waste of money

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

case in point:

"WRTA begins task of drumming up support for its sales tax

YOUNGSTOWN — The head of the Western Reserve Transit Authority admits getting approval from Mahoning County voters for a 0.25-percent sales tax on the March 4 ballot to fund the transportation agency is a tough sell.

But James Ferraro, WRTA’s executive director, said today he’s up for the challenge.

“If we’re going to be talking about sales tax around the county, we’ve got to be prepared to offer service to those areas,” he said. “That’s one challenge that we just can’t wait to [meet]; to show some of the outlying areas the great return for their quarter” of a percent.

WRTA’s goal is to get approval for the sales tax that would raise about $7.5 million annually for five years. If the sales tax is approved, the bus agency would eliminate two property taxes in the city of Youngstown that raise $2.7 million a year.

The sales tax would add close to $5 million to WRTA’s annual budget in comparison to the property taxes.

But Ferraro said WRTA has lost more than $2 million in state and federal funding over the past two years, forcing the agency to cut its service by about 50 percent."

a trolley is a cute, quaint idea, but costly and impractical, given the proven local disdain for public transportation. a golf cart ferrying drunks back and forth to their cars would suffice.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Phil Kidd is ultimatelyt killing Youngstown
This Phil Kidd and his stupid t-shirt promoting website f**king kill me. On one hand the city is getting a hell of a deal for a one year contract. On the other hand it will ultimately be like any other plan related to the furthering of the city's positive image agenda. What kind of expertise can you really expect from $41,124 a year? After taxes that is barely livable in the highest taxed city in on of the highest taxed states in the country. I hope those T-Shirts are selling well.
In the end Kidd will be an utter failure. Not Kidd the person per se, but Kidd the politico. Like all other city politico he will be promoted and more than likely as part of the 2010 plan, I predict he will be given a sizable raise to go with it. I see in his future, 67 grand a year next year and 84 grand a year salary by 2010.
Sure he will plan events. Sure some will be successful. I base my judgment of his impending failure upon the fact that he will not increase the the city's revenue. He will not bring more business into the city. He will not do anything at all that will make Youngstown stand (positively) out on the map.
Phil Kidd the politico, is ultimately just another tic on a dying dog named Youngstown.

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

Whoa... quit the negativity. Youngstown's needed this for quite some time. I don't see you doing nearly as much for this city as he is. He truly loves Youngstown, and people like him are the only ones that can save it.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"Whoa... quit the negativity."


By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

Yeah, that was kind of a Blossom moment, lol

By YoungstownKidd ( anonymous )

Thanks, everyone:

So, let me start me saying that I "officially" began the job Tues. the 15th, however, have been hard at work getting the ball rolling on some important preliminary stuff that I'll/we'll need in order to be organized and effective at getting as many individual voices/ideas to the table as possible and to plan as many successful events/projects as possible.

Initially, there are 3 important things we need to do:

1. Build a staff. To do this, I have called upon the YSU School of Business (Marketing and Advertisiting/Public Relations). Interns from this department will be brought in to serve as professional assistants and will take ownership of the creative and powerful marketing strategies we want to employ. Incidentally, this will also provide YSU students a unique opportunity to become informed and involved in the downtown scene as well as give them a sense of ownership, further helping to decrease the large disconnect between the 13,000+ only a few hundred yards away (and getting closer).

2. Create an interactive website, blog, event calendar, email/mailing list/suggestion box, MySpace/Facebook. These tools will serve as the core of our marketing strategy and will not only include a comprehensive list of events but will also discuss the events in detail (times, locations, things to check out, q&a, etc). All Youngstown related websites and blogs will be linked (including this site). Event calendars will be attached and a listserv will be used for weekly email mailing of a weekly "downtown newsletter" that will include a list of events (as well as some relevant economic development news). This will be an ever evolving process/tool. Probably a bit raw at first but will improve over time.

By YoungstownKidd ( anonymous )

3. Establish/reestablish a business and entertainment monthly meeting/forum. This can/will include the reactivation/further development/consolidation of the Downtown Merchant's Assoc. and YAEDA and will, of course, also be open to the public for contribution. The point is to establish a legitimate monthly meeting where downtown stakeholders and the public can and will begin to communicate and begin to assemble a strategic agenda for downtown. We will post the budget and we will agree, together, how the budget should be spent as a downtown community. Before the end of the month, I will meet with each business owner downtown and notice will be sent regarding the first meeting (to take place w/in the next 30 days).

So, in addition to having to learn all the "formal" aspects of my job (permits, security, contracting, etc.), I'll be working on these initiatives and hope to have most of the bulk completed within the next 30 days. It's an incredible initial challenge being that virtually no operational infrastructure exists or has existed in this position which is simply mind-blowing given all the demands of the job (at least, if you want to do the job correctly)...and I am a one-man operation at this point! However, we will accomplish this because a transparent, successful model is critically important. We need to be organized, open, and, yet, aggressive throughout the whole process (or as best we can be) and we need to be able to give other folks the equal chance to be successful should they assume this role one day down the road.

Thanks again for the great article, Katie and thanks for the support guys (I’ll need it). I'll see you guys downtown.

Defend Youngstown!
Phil K.

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

everything aside, im very optimistic. the forums sound like an excellent idea. the not-so-good ideas are what need the feedback. the good ideas will work themselves out.

i come off like a real ahole sometimes : ) but i guess thats my burden to bear as a concerned citizen.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

It truly is sad to see so many people spend the time hating Youngstown and trying to bring it down. This town WILL be placed back on the map. And it's not going to be because of something made from metal. Unless that metal is in a humbucker. Or an "old-timey" microphone.

Downtown needs revitalization. Its potential must be capitalized on, and utilized to blast positivity from the rooftops of those beautiful buildings.

Phil, I look forward to seeing what you have in store for this town! Fight on.


By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

moe...are you refering to people who voice concerns about things that are going on? it brings to mind the whole if-youre-against-the-war-you-hate-america mindset. people who dearly love america and their freedom still get incredibly frustrated with the way their military and government function.

this is true here: you bring up fears and doubts about the way things are handled in youngstown and everyone shuns you for being 'negative.' i dearly love this town. ive seen so many wrong moves and misspent money and bad leaders come through here, i cant NOT say something. like i said, the good ideas will work themselves out. phil is very smart and is going in the right direction.

im not trying to hate anything or bring anything down, im trying to prevent any more mistakes. anyone who cant see that is as ignorant as the guy driving the car with the 'love it or leave it' bumper sticker.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

I was a little late to the post, and was referring more to WesHightower's comments, actually. Comments like these:

"On the other hand it will ultimately be like any other plan related to the furthering of the city's positive image agenda."

Now come on, do you really expect the city to have some kind of other agenda? Maybe a negative image agenda? Yeesh.


By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Other Agenda???
Give me some example that would allow me to believe that the city has anything but "negative" agenda in the last 30 years.
And YSU and Mill Creek Park are off limits because if the city controlled them, they would be in fiscal distress and overridden with crime and poverty as well.
Everything the city touches turns to shite.
But I digress... Even if "the revitalization of the downtown area" is a success, what about the North, South, East, and West sides of the city. 1 in every 4 homes in the city is vacant. Do you really think that these over taxed broke-ass humps paying this Phil Kidd chump's salary are going to contribute anything to a revitalization of the downtown? The is the POOREST mid sized city in AMERICA!!! Phil Kidd and his menial salary are only further contributing to the ultimate demise of this town.
So what is the city really trying to do? In my opinion, they are trying to attract whitey from the burbs to come downtown and spend their hard earned money. Why should they traverse dangerous terrain and leave their precious suburban watering holes for a night out in a town where they don't know the people, street and cops?
Do you disagree? Ask any parent of a young of age female from New Castle to Niles. How many of them would agree that having her go out in Down town youngstown is a good idea?
So ultimately it is another attempt to get money from the suburbs.
The city could be so beautiful again... It really could. But, the people that live there don't even care enough to do anything about it. Why should I care?
30 years and counting of failure after failure. The city has failed all of us time and time again. Why should I believe that a non-native, huckster, T-Shirt-monger like Kidd, would do any different?

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"So what is the city really trying to do? In my opinion, they are trying to attract whitey from the burbs to come downtown and spend their hard earned money."

i don't think it's phil's goal to improve ALL of youngstown, but i think this is an important point. i know jay williams is doing his thing, but all i hear from the downtown youngstown movement are things that will appeal to bored white kids. what about the rest of the population that's surrounding the downtown? does anyone here think that these real youngstowners honestly give a crap about riding on a trolley? as much as i like going out downtown, i think these movements are helping the people who need help the least.

gentrification's an ugly word, but that's what i see happening here.

and for those who are all "negativity? BRAAAAAH" let me paraphrase al franken by saying we should love our town like grown ups, not like how a 4 year-old loves its mommy. there's nothing wrong with healthy skepticism.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Once again that is why Mackey is a "smithy of wordes" and I am but a lowly Network Analyst from sector G. You managed to sum up in a few words what I was trying to convey in several paragraphs. A paraphrase if you will. English 501 and 502 and few scriptwriting classes do not a bloggeteer make, I fear. That is why I will not be quitting my day job for a gig at web log criticism anytime soon.
I am grateful for the Mackey and his sometimes against the grain views on the current state of affairs in the MV.

I believe my skepticism is justified and I will stand behind it until I am proven wrong with ACTION not words.

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

"Ask any parent of a young of age female from New Castle to Niles. How many of them would agree that having her go out in Down town youngstown is a good idea?"

Wes, I live in New Castle and I go out in Youngstown all the time, and not only for work. I know it's hard to believe, but I actually enjoy spending time in downtown Youngstown.

If they "are trying to attract whitey from the burbs to come downtown and spend their hard earned money" is that not creating income for those downtown businesses, which will also create jobs for people who don't have them. If the businesses downtown now are sucessful, more will move in, creating more jobs. It's a vicious cycle...

By TrevorQuillan ( anonymous )

well said ms. poulton, well said.

By TrevorQuillan ( anonymous )

Dick Mackey, you need something to constipate your mouth... i am really sick of you shitting out of it... thanks

Go Hug Yourself

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

spoulton wrote: "is that not creating income for those downtown businesses, which will also create jobs for people who don't have them. If the businesses downtown now are sucessful, more will move in, creating more jobs. It's a vicious cycle..."

Yeah I will agree but we already have a vicious cycle in place... It's called Boardman. Successful business owners anyhow employing people part time with menial wages. Revitalization of the social atmosphere in downtown Youngstown is not the complete answer to this.
The only thing that Youngstown has going for it is that it is a city with the highest rate of tax in the state. 2.75% of minimum wage is still a long road to fiscal recovery.
I have held jobs in Youngstown years ago and subsequently when given a choice of working there at 4.25 an hou or somewhere else with out said tax I did not choose Youngstown.
Back to my original assessment.
DEFEND YOUNGSTOWN??? Youngstown has systematically been killing itself on several levels and continues to do so today. Those levels being taxes, lack of real employment opportunities, crime, and the perception of the city's state of affairs by the public. Addressing only one or some of these issues is only an attempt at failure.

There is a lot more to Youngstown than just the Downtown and it's nightlife.

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

Vindy.com Newswatch
Relax, Boardman; no new tax levy attempt expected
Published:Sunday, January 20, 2008

BOARDMAN — Although township trustees have made no decisions, a second levy attempt appears unlikely, at least this year.

“The voters have already told us what they want us to do: Not ask them for more money,” Trustee Kathy Miller said.

Voters last November rejected by about 60 percent the 4.1-mill levy that was aimed at maintaining township services, prompting speculation about the likelihood of layoffs. The levy would have generated about $4 million per year.

Last month, trustees passed a $19.6 million general fund budget for 2008 with only $15 million expected in revenue. Miller voted against budget passage.

Yes, obviously Boardman has it all figured out...

By 2evil ( anonymous )

Hey, I live in Boardman. It's a not a bad place to live BUT downtown Youngstown is a GREAT place to go out and have a good time. Old and new restaurants, cheap drinks, great local music scene and girls with lowered expectations ;-) j/k.

But seriously, Boardman is a bore. That's one of the things Ytown has going for it!

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

How very hack. I expected more form you.
Are you trying to make others (ME) feel bad so that you in turn feel better about yourself?
That strategy is as trite as it is ineffective.

But I will give you the benefit of the doubt given my obvious lack of a journalistical skillset.
I guess in this case I failed to make concrete point.
My point was not to glorify Boardman, it was to illustrate that minimum wage service industry jobs were not the answer. It does not work in Boardman and it will not work in Youngstown. Service industry jobs will not save youngstown any more than wishing really hard for the mills to come back.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"Dick Mackey, you need something to constipate your mouth... i am really sick of you shitting out of it... thanks"

yep, it sure is easier to dish out uncreative third grade insults than it is to address legitimate issues that have been raised. i can see the defend youngstown movement is in the hands of competent, mature people.

lennt crist blogged about similar issues a few months ago, and i honestly don't think he'll mind if i post a link to his thoughts here. i think he has the best views on the problems with the defend youngstown movement:


i'd be interested in seeing a dialogue between skeptics and kidd.

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

No, the minimun wage service industry jobs are not the answer, though I'm not sure they were ever intended to be. You can't expect families to survive on jobs that high school kids fill on a regular basis. Isn't it time residents and employees in the Mahoning Valley take matters into their own hands and try to change their luck instead of relying on the government to do it for them?

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

See Sarah through open conversation and the free exchange of ideas 2 people of differing viewpoints can come together.
I agree with you after all.
I am going to go sing Kumbaya (sp?) from the top of the Phormer Pharmor Plaza

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

Conversation and the free flow of ideas are wonderful things. Now, if we can only get the rest of Youngstown to join us...

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Bob Mackey Wrote: "i'd be interested in seeing a dialogue between skeptics and kidd."

For lack of a better or more clever reply "fat chance". These emperors in new clothes tend to deny the existence of any such arguments that are not pro agenda. As you have stated, their stand point is that, "if you can't say anything good don't say it at all and if you do you are a hater" Simplified conjecture I admit but none-the-less accurate. How is telling me that i don't have a right to be a naysayer make them any less successful in the long run. I don't wish for failure. prove me wrong. Let's see some positive change.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

I certainly have not said you CANNOT be a naysayer. That's great. Fine. All I am saying is that sitting back bitching about it is doing nothing. Don't you think your efforts would be much better spent by trying to do something for this town then to sit back and wait to see what other people do? It's not going to get any better without support.

Be a naysayer. Whatev. But I will be out trying to help this town. In any way possible. Why? Because I love it. It's worth fighting for. And the army of those willing is continuing to grow.

Wishing and hoping for positive change do nothing to actually help make it happen.


By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Moe, just what are you doing to help the town anyways? I am asking not as a tool for the furtherance of confrontation but as an example so as that I might better my community.
As someone not as enlightened as you, please illuminate my path to socio-cultural enrichment.

By DaisyBuchanan ( anonymous )

A large portion of the population in this valley are too resistant to change to allow any progress to occur. Football and steel are sure as hell not going to propel this town into prosperity. Companies do not want to bring their business to a place where dissent is seen as negatively as Hitler's Germany. Case in point: The above bloggers who were disgusted by the questioning of the "defend youngstown" movement. Yeah, I'm all for the revitalization of Youngstown and rebuilding the valley, but if I'm going to defend something I first want to believe in it. There is countless research on the importance of creativity and innovation to prospering urban areas. Native Youngstowners who are free thinking and creative often have to leave the area to do work they love. The young people in this region must work to get rid of the "old boys club" mentality and work to create a diverse, free thinking Youngstown.

By YoungstownKidd ( anonymous )

Hey, I'd absolutely love to meet and discuss the issues with anyone on this site who'd like to do so. As much as you may think that I have only a "pro agenda", that couldn't be farther from the truth. If we had the opportunity to speak in person, I'd think you'd see this. This isn't "my" downtown/city - it's "ours"...and at the end of the day, all I want is to be able to be transparent and eliminate as much of the b.s. that has led to a great deal of our stagnancy. I want as many of the opinions/facts on the table as we can reasonably fit on it because I'm certainly far from completely informed - none of us are. When any of us begin to think we are, I think you have the leadership of the last 30yrs (as WesH. points out). Bob Mackey, WesHightower, etc., please name a time, date and place and I'll make the time on my end, no problem. I'd really like to meet you guys and get down to some serious topic discussion. If we end up agreeing to disagree on some points, so what? At least we are getting it on that table rather having it being lost in distant circles of discussion elsewhere, leading only to worthless cyber sparring among the group as a whole later. What the hell is that? So, this Saturday there's a group known as "Thinkers and Drinkers" meeting at Rosetta Stone (time not set yet - will get back to you on this). Basically, this is a round table of folks from all different types of backgrounds who discuss a variety of topics regarding Youngstown. We are inviting Maggie Lorenzi to this one so it should be good discussion. I'd really like for you guys to make it, if you can (if not, we'll find another time). Let me know.

Phil K.

P.S. My email is DefendYoungstown@yahoo.com and my phone is 330.519.8712 if we want to coordinate this outside of the comment board.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

Wes, I'm celebrating the arts that come out of this town. I'm running a 24/7 radio station that focuses on the independent artists that are creating such amazing things in this area. We're getting the word out about events that are taking place, and helping to inform the people of this town about what's happening. Sure, I'm not running for mayor or anything, but it's a hell of a lot more than constantly bitching on v24.


By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

And Phil, when "kellysgate" happened, I tried to get some of these cats to come out and talk about the issues they had with me. I invited Mr. Mackey and his friends to come down to the last Kellys show and ask me any question they wanted. I even offered to broadcast the entire transaction on ruKus radio. But unfortunately, that has yet to grace the netwaves. Because it didn't happen. Don't get your hopes up, is all I'm saying.


By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

I. Promote. The positive.


By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

Grrr... sorry for the quadpost. But the kicker is this:

Not only am I promoting the positive, I am also experiencing it. I am taking part in everything that this town has to offer. The symphony last weekend, killer nights at the oakland, slooshying so many good bands, and much more! So, that is why it especially pains me to be bombarded with all the negativity. I see so much positivity. And you would too, if you only gave it a shot.


By WesHightower ( anonymous )

So correct me if I am wrong, Moe promotes his band, his radio station and his own interests under the guise of celebrating the arts??? I don't buy it. It sounds like shameless self promotion to me, with which there is nothing wrong. But my point is outside of a handful of 20-something white kids, (admittedly sometimes in the hundreds) what does your personal charitable contribution really do for the community?
At least Phil has some sort or masochistic mission statement, albeit a Sisyphean task IMHO but none-the-less he seems to be going in some direction. Me on the other hand, yes I promote realism. No amount of music festivals or bands or anything else will save this already failed city.
I don't believe in the city. They do not have my best interest at heart. I, when given a choice, will spend my time and money anywhere else but Youngstown. I do not buy jimmy Hughes and his claims of lower violent crime for 2007. He is not an official government monger of crime statistics and therefore his claims of a safer Youngstown hold no water. Until it can be proven to me that it is safe for me and my family to regularly visit Youngstown, when there are no gunshots, when the hookers are gone, when crackheads don't walk up to my vehicle for whatever reason at a red light, then I will consider an end to my boycott of Youngstown.
I don't mean to come across as so callous. Moe and Phil I apologize for my harsh comments. It is a natural defense mechanism that I employ. You have to understand that I was like you. I went to YSU. I went to the local watering holes. I partook on the local festivals. That was great for a 24 year old or so who didn't care about his life at the time. But at this point in my life, unless something really great happens and there is some shining example in the city that we are on an upturn, one that exemplifies a return to greatness, I will not return alone or with my family.
If this happens rest assured that I will be a late adopter to the movement. Until then, until I can stick my hands in the wounds and see the nail marks, I will be a "Doubting Thomas"

Good luck to you all.

By Will ( anonymous )

"No, the minimun wage service industry jobs are not the answer, though I'm not sure they were ever intended to be. You can't expect families to survive on jobs that high school kids fill on a regular basis. Isn't it time residents and employees in the Mahoning Valley take matters into their own hands and try to change their luck instead of relying on the government to do it for them?"

Awesome statement. The problem is most that do change their luck do so by moving. Environment is everything. A good degree will not do you any good if there aren't any jobs that require such in that area. Thus my plan to move after graduation. I'm not sure if Youngstown will ever become it's former self. But a small community of close artists and musicians would be cool. But that community also has to look at the situation rationally and set goals that can be obtained.

YSU has recently purchased a large amount of land (or so I have be told) for dorms. If they can get a larger % of their student body to remain on campus then downtown may benefit from such. Same with the Chevy Center, if it has good shows it may stimulate restaurants and other companies to set up shop if they can get a steady and reliable influx of patronage from such events.

By DaisyBuchanan ( anonymous )

Artists and musicians are important aspects of building up the area, but they must be combined with other types of creative, non service jobs. No companies are interested in bringing their business to Y-town. The city needs to work to attract technology companies and other types of businesses to attract young professionals. Also, the people who go see Stevie Nicks, Kenny Loggins and Disney on Ice are not going to go out downtown afterward. They are going to go to their "safe" suburbs and eat at Denny's. If the Chevy Center could get some acts like Radiohead or Ryan Adams they will attract the young people. The baby boom generation is not going to revitalize y-town; the young adults and even adolescents must work together. YSU graduates have no choice but to leave because there are no jobs for them.

By mtclark ( anonymous )

Bob Mackey may I ask why gentrification is an ugly word? To me that is exactly what Youngstown needs. While I do not disagree with some of the positions that I have read here, I do think that what Phil is trying to do by increasing the societal traffic in downtown Y-town is a good start. Businesses do not come to desserted ghost towns with tumbleweeds blowing through after 6 pm. But that is my main point, Mayor Williams and other city leaders need to make it desirable for businesses to want to place jobs in the valley. The lack of decent job opportunity is what drives so many people like me from the area to begin with. I left Y-town 5 years ago to come to Chicago and would love to come back but that is not even an option without serious job growth and/or potential. So Phil keep doing what you are doing it as it will only lead to a better Y-town. And hopefully the city leaders will do whatever it takes to prove they can do what they have promised.

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

WesHightower , i've heard enough. The main reason this town has failed for so many years isn't attributed to any one thing. It's more the the decimation of the Steel industry, the crime, the poverty, or the outragous taxation. Those are all things that can be combated with tenacity, proper funding, and a little hard work. No, the biggest problem with this city is YOU, and people like you. It's easy for you to hate on youngstown and criticize the people trying to make it better, but at least they're trying to do SOMETHING. If you focus on the negative, that's all you see. There's an old saying you really need to hear, so pay attention. "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem".

Furthermore, I am all for your boycott of Yompton. Honestly, i'd really rather you never set foot in the city limits again, we don't need your kind here. And yes, I get it. You're jaded by this city and won't return until you see it changed for the better. Fine. But don't hold someone's head under water for doing what you want to see happen. The last thing people need is more negativity, it transpires to that 'crabs in a basket' mentality. And if you're from the area, you know this is a common practice. I don't mean to come down on you so hard man, it's just you don't know how often I hear the same ramblings you just spouted from so many others. If you don't agree, fine. But If you have a problem with Youngstown then stay away, please. I'd rather see people here who aren't afraid of a hobo begging for change.

And rest assured, there are some shining examples breaking through the clouds. Look at Rukus. No, wait, "that's just Moe pushing his own agenda!!!" Why would he ever want to be successful? He should just sell crack and live on welfare. That's what real youngstowners do, right?

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

"He should just sell crack and live on welfare. That's what real youngstowners do, right?"
What you do out of your own home is your business, not mine. :)

Seriously there you (or people like you)go again.
You presume that anyone that doesn't stick their head in the sand is a HATER of some kind.
Well I am a hater of sorts but not for that reason. So what you are telling me is that because i am not 100% in support of the status quo which you so eloquently put is to paraphrase "sell crack and live off of welfare" then you don't want me here.. Oooooh my loss then!!!

Yeah you have a great attitude there man. Someone doesn't agree with your politics so you lash out at them. Nice talking to you. Way to bring somone into your social circle of all-inclusive open mindedness.
<sarcasm>Why wouldn't I want to be a part of this great renaissance?</sarcasm>

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"we don't need your kind here."

yep, forget all the economic and societal causes; the real reason for the downfall of youngstown is bad attitudes.

and mtclark, gentrification by definition is a negative word: "The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people." i'm more concerned about the latter part; too much of this movement is concerned with white, out-of-town suburbaners (and their money), not the near-majority of youngstown. there's a tacit racism to all of this that doesn't sit right with me, and until someone speaks on this issue, it'll still be an issue.

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

im definitely coming to rosetta stone this weekend, because i finally have a weekend off from work and it looks beautiful and sounds awesome. moe, none of the naysayers came to the kellys show because i work till 1230 at the newspaper every night and mackey lives in kent. it wasnt like in that school ties movie where brendan frasers waiting out in the rain and no one shows and he yells COWARD!!! id want to hang out with all you crazy kids and converse, i enjoy a good-natured debate, but life on the news desk rarely gets me home before 1. i look forward to perhaps catching up with some of you during my glorious weekend off work, and possibly coming to a consensus on the extent of our yo-love.

i dont like seeing the hate-baiting from the vindy.com boards spilling over to here. icky.

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

Well it's nice to know you can not only take good ideas and hate on them, but you can also twist peoples words around to reflect your meager ideology. It doesn't matter if you're behind an idea or not, you don't have to put it down because YOU don't agree with it. Who do you think you are? So you don't like Youngstown or the people here? Fine. Don't bother with any of it. That includes stirring up controversy, buddy.
If anyone has a bad attitude here, it's you. Take your hypocritical views and roll out on the b.s. express to someplace that's not here. As you said, you are a hater. I don't expect people to share my views, and I enjoy hearing other peoples opinions, but there has to be something of substance there. "Youngstown sucks" just doesn't do it. Sorry. All I've heard from you are the same derogatory, stereotypical-cookie-cutter views that everyone has about Youngstown. Oooohhh, i might get shot! Grow a pair and get over it. And correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't it YOU who started "lashing out" at this blog? Yeah, great arguments you have there, man. Really deep, intricate material. If you just came off differently from the outset we'd be having a very different conversation right now. Think about that. And don't worry about that renaissance, it's coming sooner than you think....

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

And mackey, bad attitudes are a result of the financial despairity surrounding this town. It's only fueled by individuals throwing gas on the perverbial fire. Like I said, it's crabs in a basket.. It's a vicious cycle that's only going to continue unless people start making a RUKUS and try to change it. I know you can see that.

But i'll tell you something else. This might be the first time we agree, but gentrification IS a bad thing. That's one of the big problems plaguing Yompton right now. People like this WesHightower are a perfect example of this.
" Oh, my mommy and daddy moved to the suburbs of Youngstown cuz of all the unwanted ethnicities moving in and we think we're better than they are. I don't want to take my brand new car(that I got just because it's Tuesday) and spend my allowance in the big scary city..."

All humor aside, this is a very real stereotype that hurts the entire community, made only worse because people like this THINK they're right. Yea, yea, opinions and all that, but still.........

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"But i'll tell you something else. This might be the first time we agree, but gentrification IS a bad thing. That's one of the big problems plaguing Yompton right now. People like this WesHightower are a perfect example of this. "

how is it possible to provide a definition for someone and still have them misunderstand something? the problem with gentrification is that it's seeking to correct youngstown's "white flight" by only concentrating on the interests of middle-class white people (and their money) and ignoring the 40% or so of the population that doesn't care about local bands, internet radio stations, etc. the fact that wes left town over fears of safety is nothing out of the ordinary, or unreasonable; and your response to someone concerned about getting shot is to "grow a pair?" this is going to be a hard sell for the boardman family who has a choice between their local applebees and one of the hotspots downtown. you're also being extremely glib about a certain section of youngstown that's currently being hurt by a culture of violence, but what else should i expect?

long story short: what about all the black people?

i see a lot of good coming from this movement, but i also see a lot of opportunism from people looking to be the big fish in a tiny pond with their personal projects, each trying their hardest to be youngstown's personal savior. and the phil kidd butt-kissing going on in this thread? sheesh. it's fine to congratulate the guy, but have some dignity.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Do you only pick and choose what to read only to fit your argument?
I said the whole Phil Kidd thing will probably result in failure as does every other plan for the city in the last 30 years. Also I said that I used to come to Youngstown... I do not feel safe for my family.
Let us examine how this works shall we... politicians promise change over and over again. Year after year we the taxpayers citizens local residents expect change, i.e. a different outcome.
Now if you repeat the same methodology time and time again and expect a different result each time only to get the same failure, doesn't that borderline on insanity. I think that is a loose definition of a particular mental disorder.
Also I will admit that because there are people that think like me it does not make me right by any means... But conversely if there is me and others that do in fact think the way that I do, is it so impossible to assume that perhaps there is an inkling of truth or right to my "ideology".
We will agree. I will stay out of the city unless that filthy shitstain of a town, (and not just the downtown but) the whole filthy fucking mess, is first cleaned up then and maybe I will return and bring my family. Unless you are coming from the West Side (which ain't all that great either) you still have to go through the war zones on the North, South and East side to get downtown. Its not just gun shots you picking and choosing prick it is the crack heads, a whores that i will not subject my children to.
Defend Youngstown?
How about Defending Youngstown from the destructive nature of its own savage residents first?
39 murders... Poorest Mid size City, Highest rate of taxes in Ohio, the absolute worst schools in the county and in the bottom of the state, One of the most violent cities in America! Shall I go on?
Some Renaissance!
I'll just move my family right into the Kimmelbrooks tomorrow because the city is so safe.
Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.
Or in your case "yes Hybrid, there is Crime". As much as you deny it, as much as you bury your head in the sand it exists, and it is not safe for a family in Youngstown and not just downtown, after dark.

Defend Youngstown Indeed.

By DaisyBuchanan ( anonymous )

It seems that Bob and Wes are expressing concern and asking important questions about the relevance of the revitalization programs being implemented; albeit sometimes tactless, they are questioning the authority of the leaders and not accepting their ideas without logical thought and questioning. Cheerleading with your defend youngstown t-shirts isn't going to accomplish anything. Rah, Rah, let me play my guitar and change the world. It would be nice if it worked, but it's not going to. The problem with y-town and the people in the valley is their archaic ideals and tendency toward conformity. The mentality of this area must change before anything else can happen. Hell, put me in charge and I could rally the uninformed, inane masses into Utopia.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

I'm doing this because I love it. And because no one else is doing it. We are stepping up to the plate to do all the work for the people who refuse. Sure, I'm promoting my band along the way. Why? Because we are just as much a part of this scene as anyone else. How could I not play and promote my band? And after all the time, work, and money that has gone into this station, I feel like I'm deserved. So, as Nigel would say, piss off.

All this business about safety is ridiculous. I hang out downtown ALL the time. And I have never once run into a life-threatening situation. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it's just as narrow-minded as not flying because of the possibility of a crash.

But you would have no basis of knowledge of that, would you Bob? When is the last time you graced downtown with your presence and hard-earned blog money?


By HYBRID ( anonymous )

Youngstown doesn't need a savior, it just needs people to pay less attention to the voilence and crime and more towards finding ways of correcting that.

"long story short: what about all the black people?
i see a lot of good coming from this movement,"

Wait, so being black is a movement now? I had no idea! And what's opportunistic about trying to bring everyone back to one place to expel any gentrification issues? So people are scared and move away so their kids can go to a better school. Nothing wrong with that. But avoiding a city like a leaper colony isn't the answer. Neither is raining down despair on anyone trying to give people a reason to come back to this city. We need all that middle-aged white money rolling back in, after all. And nobody's kissing Kidd's ass, we're just happy to see enthusiasm and drive in somebody. I obviously don't see enough of that.

And I find your statistics funny bob.

"white flight" by only concentrating on the interests of middle-class white people (and their money) and ignoring the 40% or so of the population that doesn't care about local bands, internet radio stations, etc."

So wait. 60% of the mahoning valleys population WOULD listen to an internet radio station? How unlike us to do something for a large demographic.

And wes, i don't pick and choose, i find flimsy arguements and I comment on them. Did You hear me disagree with everything? No. Because you were right on many points. Is youngstown one of the worst citys in america? Yes. But it can change. Not from crooked politicians swaying you with promises, but from people like you and me. Stop talking about how horrible it is and do something about it. Until you do, you shouldn't have the right to comment. I don't want your kids to get shot any more than you do, (and unless they're involved in a crack deal it probably won't happen) but stop talking like it's a war zone. Drive through any blockades lately? Sure, there's lots of crime, and yes, it's terrible. But rolling up to shorty for a fix and checking out the Steelhounds are totally different things. Lets be reasonable here.

I know for a fact that many people think like you. And there is truth to what you say, but that doesn't make it right. You're entitled to your opinion just as I am. So yes, I will "defend youngstown" if I have to.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Fair Enough. My fingers are out of words.

By HYBRID ( anonymous )


By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

"I don't want your kids to get shot any more than you do, (and unless they're involved in a crack deal it probably won't happen) but stop talking like it's a war zone. Drive through any blockades lately? Sure, there's lots of crime, and yes, it's terrible. But rolling up to shorty for a fix and checking out the Steelhounds are totally different things. Lets be reasonable here."



By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"Wait, so being black is a movement now? I had no idea!"

your inability to read is staggering; "the movement" is a reference to the defend youngstown movement, not any black organization. do you need every pronoun to be directly linked to its antecedent with a big red arrow? or can you just not figure what words mean in the context of a sentence?

the fact that you see nothing wrong with trying to exclusively appeal only to youngstown's white population is actually sickening; you yourself claim that there's nothing wrong with only targeting the 60% of youngstown's population (white people) who (might) care about the culture you're trying to produce. the poor, black population of youngstown is not going to see a "trickle down" of any of this incoming income. but i guess that's too bad for them, because they don't care about your local band, right? maybe youngstown would actually improve if we tried giving help to the people who need it most and--no, that's a crazy idea. instead, let's all ride on a trolley!

and fyi, there's no personal criteria needed to criticize something; you don't need to serve a term in the white house before you can make fun of the president. and critics don't need to go have a "rap session" with the people they criticize. the reason i didn't go to the kellys show is because i dont care for you or your music and frankly i think you and trevor aren't worth talking to in person; and honestly, trevor kind of scares me.

and let's stop with the "when's the last time you hung out in youngstown, HUH?" i'd actually be in youngstown right now if it wasn't an economic sinkhole that provided no jobs for college graduates.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Actually not to nit pick but according to www.city-data.com/city/Youngstown-Ohi... using 2005 stats 48.9% of all people in the city are White
The rest are as follows...
Races in Youngstown:
* Black (43.8%)
* Hispanic (5.2%)
* Two or more races (2.5%)
* Other race (2.2%)
* American Indian (1.1%)
Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)
Wouldn't this make white people the minority in number or at least a majority by a very narrow margin? I can't imagine that the aforementioned continuing white flight has had a increased effect on the percentage of whites living in Youngstown.

I would have to agree with Mackey on this. And I don't always agree with Mackey.
But I really can't envision how this movement really benefits the "true" majority of Youngstown.
I find it hard to believe how these initiatives are endorsed by a black mayor with a largely black city council. Some of their acts seem borderline racist to me. If a mayor of any other ethnic background were to enact ordnances that either affect blacks directly or indirectly like "zero tolerance", a ban on pit bulls and promoting the revitalization of the downtown, the voters would have him strung up. Yes I used a lynching reference... sue me.
I will concede that the intentions of Mr. Kidd seem to be pure, earnest, and true. But i don't think that the true captains of the S.S. Youngstown have a grip on the helm. I think they may have a destination in mind but they don't even have a map or an astrolabe for guidance.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

With all of my Nautical references can I now refer to Jay Williams as "Skipper"?
If so, will he then call me "Little Buddy"?

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

thanks for the statistic update; i guess we're ignoring more people than i originally thought.

By DaisyBuchanan ( anonymous )

Minority group: A subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their lives than members of a dominant or majority group. I'd say this town is ignoring almost everyone.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

So wait, the revitalization of downtown is a racist movement? Is that your stance?


By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

And... the "last time you hung out in youngstown" argument is very appropriate! Especially when you kids are talking about safety issues. And why you won't come downtown because you're scared of the hookers and crackheads. You fellows exude stereotypes. And had you actually spent any time downtown in the recent past, you would see that these are not actually issues. As long as you know general safety practices when navigating through any city, big or small. Don't walk down a dark street by yourself. Certainly don't sneak in an alley for a shortcut. What do you think would happen to NYC if everyone there adopted your mindset? The place would shut down.

It's just sad, really. The way you guys think.


By HYBRID ( anonymous )

Mackey, I was being sardonic, you dousche. For someone who tries very hard to write satire, you sure don't pick it up quickly.

"the fact that you see nothing wrong with trying to exclusively appeal only to youngstown's white population is actually sickening"

Um, this world you come from. Is there any analytical reasoning there? And stop putting words in my, uh, fingers. (thanks wes) I didn't even comment on this issue because I knew you'd twist it the wrong way. I guess that's going to happen regardless if I talk or not. I'm actually amazed you talk like this with misinformation spouting everywhere like a leaky watermain. You are not the status quo for the population, nor are you by any means a voice of the people. Please, for once, get your facts in order before relinquishing your constipation of the mouth.

I find it very ironic that you won't set foot in Youngstown but you feel sorry for the "poor, under-privilaged black population". You have no idea what the black community wants or thinks. Most of my best friends are black, and believe me, we've had the gentrification discussion alot. I don't like to lump people into one catagory or another, that's what starts the stereotyping and the gentrification in the first place. I don't make distinctions between black and white, I just see people. That's why I don't focus on "the poor black man". It's not "Whitey's" fault. It's a lack of employment and opportunity. If you must slap blame on whitey, be accurate. If the masses (that slim majority) didn't rush to the suburbs in record numbers, there wouldn't be such division between races. But as we already determined, there are fear and safety issues. So how can you sit there and defend people who move to the suburds and then blast them for not helping out the black man? Are they going to "trickle down" something to blacky? Doubt it. Again your arguments are composed of nothing but hypocrisy. People like you cry in one hand and shit in the other. Guess which one's going to fill up first?

You talk about us only gravitating to the white population, but if you listened to RuKus you'd hear a good amount of hip-hop. That's because we arn't racists or bigots, we're doing something that EVERYONE can enjoy. And if Moe or TQ arn't worth talking to, stop talking about them. Is that more hypocrisy I smell?

"maybe youngstown would actually improve if we tried giving help to the people who need it most and--no, that's a crazy idea."

Ok, man. I'll call you out again. What are YOU doing to help this situation? In fact, what have you ever done but blog about things you don't approve of? You want to help out this "sinkhole"? Try something that doesn't involve slanderous degradation of people doing exactly what you say needs to be done. More hypocrisy from mackey, but I should expect that by now.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )


I never said that I was a-scareded of the downtown, (or did I?) Regardless, my argument is against the whole city. The Downtown is a small part of the wasteland. Market is atrocious up until downtown from both the north and south. Indianola, South, Glenwood, Mahoning are all shit. Most of us have to cross or use those streets to get downtown. These streets are filthy and do in fact have people that will approach your car at red lights from time to time. Admittedly the majority of said crime does not happen to the average white suburbanite. But you can not deny the crime, violence and murders in the city either. If a cop can get shot and killed out in the open how safe can it be for the unarmed?
Logic dictates that if you avoid the trouble spots i.e. the majority of the city, then you in turn avoid trouble.
People can poke fun of the burbs all they want but the truth is, there weren't 39 homicides in all of the burbs combined last year. This shit just doesn't happen locally outside the city.
Also if the intent of this palaver is to produce an end result of a more positive image for the city then so be it.
I will concede my anti-youngstown hate filled rants (for now) because frankly I am tired of having to restate facts and statistics that are either ignored or flat out denied.
All double edged concessions aside, the bottom line is, save for a few museums there still is very little in this city for me and my family. Bars and clubs do not a successful city make.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

this thread is a veritable lolocaust

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )

Wes, you have made many valid points. But they're all skewed, man! I have driven 3 of the four streets you mentioned above EVERY day for the past 2+ years. At ALL hours of the day and night. If you're driving on them late, and things look shady, go through the light man. You're the one with the gas pedal. Just be aware! Mindfulness is powerful.

But, I will have a bit more of a response to all of this soon. And Bob, sorry for killing the laughs, man.


By HYBRID ( anonymous )

I don't know, I find it all wildly entertaining. All in this one thread we've got hypocrites, dreamers, self-absorbed naysayers, morons, maybe an intellectual or two, skeezers, skanks, skip-skaps and skalliwags! What more could we ask for in our safe and happy little town....

OK! So who wants Ice Cream?!

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

HYBRID, in which category do you classify?
I consider myself an aging upstart rapscallion myself.
Though you did identify skalliwags, the TRUE reason for Youngstown's failure is the apparent lack of pirates, ninjas, robots, vampires and zombies in the city and more importantly in this discussion. Though the zombie and robot count is once again up for debate given the repetitious droning nature of much of the "DEFEND YOUNGSTOWN" propaganda in these posts.
It seems, in my not so humble opinion, we are off to a good start anyways.

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

Wes, NOW you are on to something. I didn't even think of ninjas! Ninjas could do the batman-esque beat-the-piss-outa-people-before-they-have-a-chance-to-commit-a-crime thing, there-by decimating the level of crime in our struggling town.

And honestly, the repetitous droning defensive stance I have taken is in direct opposition of the "Down with Y-Town" propaganda I've been reading all over the place. If we can curb that, I'd have no reason to continue desperately defending our 'urban utopia'. Think about it.

And lastly, I don't know where I'd place myself. Realistically, I'd be a HYBRID of dreamer, intellectual, skalliwag, and ninja. I'm deadly as hell with a To Blade....

And no, the zombie/robot thing isn't up for debate, I agree to seeing both in this city. But you'll find ALL types in ALL places man.

By HYBRID ( anonymous )

And there's NO denying it, I've seen A LOT of zombified-looking people in these parts, from the city and the suburbs.

By moestradamus ( moestradamus )
By tryba1 ( anonymous )

I have no beef with what Phil Kidd is trying to do, and even hope he succeds, as long as he is not going to try to be a tree hugger community organizer like obama and Acorn....look at what that AS**** is doing to this country, can you imagine what Y-Town will look like if Kidd follows that business plan? WOW!!!

By anonymous ( anonymous )

Someone up there said 41k a year wasnt a good salary? Fuck you, you spoiled fuck. You're a fucking bitch and if you ever had the balls to say these things to people in person you'd regret it. People like you are the reason why Youngstown has a bad image. Leave you fucking pieces of shit, go live somewhere else and quit wasting oxygen. We need more people like Phil who actually believe in the city, aka, their hometown. Youngstown seems to be one of the only places on the map that has such negative impact on the community. LIVE SOMEPLACE ELSE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT! ARE YOU RETARDED?

By cmoss412 ( anonymous )

41K in Youngstown is a livable salary, i've survived on less...Any updates on Mr. Kidd and his success/progress?

By Eworld ( anonymous )

just try to reply or add a comment

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