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Summer festivals start with JonesFest

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Published: Tue, May 27, 2008 @ 1:18 p.m.

The first of many summer outdoor music festivals in the area is set to happen this weekend— rain or shine.

JonesFest, put on by local jam band Jones for Revival, is set to start at 2 p.m.,Saturday on West Federal Street with the first band performing at 4:20 p.m. It is a free, all-ages event that will include much more than music.

Jones front man Jim DeCapua says Cornholz.com will be doing cornhole games all day and the festival will play host to a mechanical bull. Also, Mr. Belvedere will be outside DJing in between bands.

“It’s pretty much an all-day party,” saxophonist Fred Burazer of Jones says. “It’s like, half-backyard barbecue, half-carnival, but with all-day music.”

DeCapua says when finding acts for JonesFest, they tried to focus on bands that could be considered, “jam bands,” but also on lesser-known bands outside that genre.

“A lot of these bands, like Melva, they’re fucking good,” DeCapua says. “There’s a lot of talent that doesn’t get out there much.”


Federal Plaza

Federal Plaza, Youngstown

DeCapua says their main goal was to get a solid lineup, so along with the 12 bands playing at the fest, magicians Jason Alan and Captain Kevin and comedians Murad Shorrab and Mike Burlon will be featured. Acoustic acts Dennis Drummond and Zach Paxson will also be performing throughout the day.

“At any festival, when you just have music, you can get a little bored,” drummer Gino West says.

“It’s just gonna be nothing but positive, and that’s what’s gonna make it sweet,” DeCapua says.

Twelve Bucks, Winslow, Mystic WIP Hustler, 5 Elements, The Zou and Jones will be playing on the outdoor stage, while Melva, The Youngstonians, Wild Trees, Jahman Brahman Family Band, Braille, The Devotees and Captain Braskey will be playing on the stage inside Barleys. Jones will be playing a two-hour set, and you may see some unfamiliar faces onstage as DeCapua says Jones may be expanding. He says ideas are in the works, but nothing is set in stone.



21 W. Federal St., Youngstown

“It’s a recognition of the local musicians and artists,” bassist Matt Hahn says. “I think the lineup includes numerous bands we’re happy to help expose.”

Burazer, who is also a member of Twelve Bucks, says this is one of those “kick-off the summer shows” that if the people come out for it, the bands involved will get a lot of positive response.

“Jim [DeCapua] still really believes in the music, and he’s one of the few that still do,” Burazer says. “He’s got the right bands, the right music and he took no short cuts.”

DeCapua says that he considers a lot of the bands involved somewhat friends of Jones. He says he hopes everyone comes out to have a good time and appreciate the work these local artists have done.

“I’m really excited that we can be a part of the revitalization of downtown Youngstown, whether it’s Youngstown 2010 or 2020,” DeCapua says. “...It’d be sweet if everyone came out and had a great time. We’re trying to give back, support the scene.”

“It’s a musical party,” West says. “It’s gonna make people happy.”

Friday, Barleys will be celebrating JonesFest Eve with the Jahman Brahman Family Band and Mystic WIP Hustler. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover will be $5. In addition to Sunday’s “JonesFest Friendly” Homegrown Show, which is available for download here, members of Jones will be interviewed on CD 93.3 Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.

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By ruKustheaccount ( anonymous )

Ahhhh, summer is officially here! Yesterday was bitchin', guys! Thanks for having us, and we're looking forward to a rad summer... go Yo!


By punkindrublic20 ( anonymous )

I hate to sound so negative because I love the
local scene.... but when is a TRUE festival gonna come to town that showcases ALL the local talent. Not just bands of a certain genre or who people think is the "most popular" band in the Valley? Like I said, I am NOT Speaking negatively on the Valley's scene in general, because I am a HUGE supporter in the local scene (thats why I feel it necessary to comment) I just wish it wasnt so biased....

By MGShorrab ( anonymous )

Punkindrublic (sweet NOFX album, btw), planning a large scale event takes a lot of work. Festivals and their performers take their direction from the planning of the event. Jonesfest was planned by one band, Jones 4 Revival, it carries their namesake. They created a vision for their event, and in my opinion, they succeeded on all fronts. I'm all for musical diversity and I think a festival that's purpose is to showcases "ALL the local talent" would be successful and well attended. When do you start planning it, punkindrublic? It's a good idea. You could have open submissions.

By Furthermind ( anonymous )

The problem with Youngstown and the Festival ideal.... you need to be in with the right people to host a festival. examples being: the same ppl that hosted Jonesfest host VexFest, how can you go wrong? Now you take the FurtherMind Music Festival that isnt hosted by the YLM crew and what happens? BRICK walls. Youngstown, either allow people with low budgets to host a festival to support HipHop, Jambands, Rock bands, Punk bands, Poets, Acoustic acts, and also bands that wouldnt even think of coming to Youngstown.... then all of a sudden the GREED sets in. It is total CRAP!!! if you want to make Youngstown a better place to live, love, and be entertained, you need to HELP the man with shallow pockets. OR Y-town will never succeed to be the place we all love to live.

My new motto for Youngstown: Youngstown someone has to get screwed somewhere.

By PKidd ( anonymous )

Can you elborate a bit further regarding "brick walls" or can you be more specific about "greed"? Who is impeding you from conducting your event? How is greed playing a role in prevention and if so, how? I'm asking because 1.) I am the individual in charge of overseeing event coordination in the downtown area and would like to help however possible but 2.) if we are talking about Furthermind, no one from this planning group contacted this department regarding assistance. In fact, I had learned of the event after it was already in the marketing phase. Please help clarify. Thanks.

Phil Kidd

By punkindrublic20 ( anonymous )

MGShorrab : I hosted a very large event a while ago here in New Castle called the "Homeland Invasion" where that was my ONLY focus was to have it all genres through out the day and make it band from our local area. I had 22 bands, 2 stages (one indoor and one outdoor)All in all it was a very successful show. It was my first attempt and I think it went well and I have been booking alot of shows lately trying to bring bands into the Valley under the name of Dead City Productions. I just feel that if your not in good with the YLM crew then you really have no hopes in the Youngstown scene. Its unfortunate that its like that but hey.....

By MaggieMae ( anonymous )

I don't want to get in the middle of your tift, but the Homeland Invasion show was solely made up of punk, metal and loud rock bands. Not every genre was represented, or even came close.

Here's the link to the event as it was posted on Valley24.


By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

william howard tift was america's fattest president

By Furthermind ( anonymous )

don't mean to start a "taft" but it's

(Requires free registration.)

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