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Published: Mon, July 13, 2009 @ 12:00 a.m.


Baron Cohen calls upon yet another of his alter egos - Bruno, a gay fashionista/TV reporter from Austria, who fancies himself as "the voice of Austrian youth TV." Bruno methodically worms his way into style hot spots.

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I knew going into "Bruno" I wasn't going to like it. I hated "Borat" and couldn't get past the hotel chase scene.

This time around, I really tried to like the Euro trash character Sacha Baron Cohen was playing.

But he's not likable. In theory, I think I'm supposed to laugh when people treat him badly because he's homosexual. But Bruno is so obnoxious, I spent the whole of the film wishing someone would cause him harm.

If it's not that, maybe it's the gay sex that's supposed to be funny? Or the graphic display of male genitalia?

Maybe the funny scenes were the ones that got cut for pending litigation.

I feel so ripped off and traumatized by "Bruno" that I'm considering filing suit.

That being said, this can't be a review if I don't point out some specifics of my opinion.

I don't think it's funny to poke fun at the guys hunting in Alabama. Maybe that seems strange to the Los Angelos film crew and Cohen, but guys getting together to hunt and drink by a fire isn't that strange in most of this country. Their reaction certainly wasn't even as strong as I expected: Had Cohen come after me naked in the middle of the night, my response would've been a lot more like their earlier hunting.

Staging an MMA fight, selling tickets and then recording the audience's reaction when it turns into gay sex in the ring is hilarious if you're high and 17. I expect more comedic planning from professionals.

Showing a swinger's party is where this movie gets beyond ridiculous. People who want to watch that sort of thing have the Internet. Including the sex party in "Bruno" is a cheap ploy for reaction. What'll be in the next movie, pedophiles? Oh Sacha, you're so outrageous!

At 1 hour and 23 minutes, "Bruno" lacks content. There's just not enough scenes for this movie to work.

"Bruno" would've been just as - if not more - interesting as 83 minutes of vignettes, minus the character of "Bruno."

If you think male genitalia and [gay] sex scenes are funny, "Bruno" is your style. For the rest of population, Cohen's latest production is the most tasteless of tasteless movies to ever appear on the big screen. It relies solely on mocking people who aren't open to an absurdly obscene, disgusting character who, if he were real, would shame the LGBT community.

"Bruno" relies on gratuitous nudity for humor. If you know what gratuitous means, you probably won't think "Bruno" is funny.

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