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A new club opens, and it's 'Gossip'

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Published: Fri, November 6, 2009 @ 5:47 p.m.

AUSTINTOWN - An old club has reopened with a new name.

The Wedge, 1743, S. Raccoon Road in the Wedgewood Plaza, re-opened Thursday night as Gossip. The venue has previously been known as The Mill and Club 1743.

"Gossip is a bar like no other in this area," owner Brent Furrie says.

Furrie also owns Rumors on Meridian Road. He says he plans on continuing to run both clubs, since Rumors is open seven days a week and Gossip is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Furrie says the nightclub is "Miami meets Vegas meets Youngstown."

"Youngstown needed something it hasn't seen before," Furrie says.

He describes the venue as a high-energy nightclub. Gossip's music of choice is techno and guest DJs will be invited to perform.

Bands will also play at Gossip. Furrie says about once a month, a national touring act will take the stage. The first performance will be Papa Roach Saturday, which was previously booked at The Wedge.

Gossip houses three separate VIP sections, including a red VIP section and a blue VIP section just off the dance floor and another on an upper level that looks over the club.

Cover every night is $5 and features reasonable drink prices. Furrie says as at Rumors, Gossip will have $2 cherry and grape bombs every night.

Gossip is 18+ for girls, 21+ for guys.

Is there anything else people should know?

"Everything that happens at Gossip, is gossip," Furrie says.

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By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

will there still be CWE wrestling every month? or will it be relocated? inquiring nerds want to know

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

If CWE is canceled we riot

By leobaby0813 ( anonymous )

there might be wresting but probably not the kind ur looking for :) !

By bellabean ( anonymous )

Convicts, criminals and losers....that's all this place is !!!!

By djsteve ( anonymous )

actually well behaved crowd opening weekend, maybe this city can get out of its rut when theres less people with negative attitudes. The venue is very nice and something this town desperatly needed and maybe instead of bashing the "new spot" in town we look at the positives.. Its not an eye sore like most night spots in this city, its providing a decent amount of jobs, and its bringing national acts to the valley.

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

uh djsteve that's exactly what it was ten years ago when it opened as The Mill. It's not exactly a new spot, but pretty much the same bar and the same concept only with different names and redecorating since 1999. After four owners it has yet to establish itself as a viable venue, even with many national acts passing through. It's either the location (people afraid of getting pulled over leaving), or the bad security (i once had a drunk MILF throw a bottle at me and none of the four guys in suits knew what to do). either way, i applaud your naivete'.

By ProYo ( anonymous )

A positive outlook should not be confused with naivete.

How unnecessarily condescending.

By djsteve ( anonymous )

Exactly pro YO ... The comments about my early post also fell right into what i said about people shouldnt have negative attitudes, if it isnt your thing cool you do not have to go. Ive been in the bar and club buisness for 11 years and have worked for clubs in pittsburg cleveland youngstown and pretty much every where in between and i have yet to see a bar or night club with out its share of fights.. Also when you have 11 years experience in something i hardly believe i am naive.. Thank you once again pro yo

By MadMan09 ( anonymous )

I want to know how someone gets raped by a bouncer in the club and he's still on the run but i can't find the information anywhere?

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