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Get to 'Get Him to the Greek'

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Published: Mon, June 7, 2010 @ 9:35 p.m.

"Get Him to the Greek," succeeds where many recent comedies have failed: The characters have texture and the story has depth.

The movie is written and directed by Nicholas Stoller and starts off as almost a mockumentary, with a montage of the news hype around the video for "African Child" by Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), bringing the character back from his 2008 film, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

One needn't have seen "Forgetting Sarah marshall" to enjoy "Get Him to the Greek."

The laughs start early as the faux news coverage depicts the British rock star's life and marriage to Jackie Q (Rose Byrne). The "African Child" video by the band Infant Sorrow is outrageous and so are the cameos by celebrities and media types. (Mario Lopez has a great one-liner at the start.)

Easily, the best cameo in "Get Him to the Greek" is Diddy (billed as Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs) as record executive Sergio Roma, the source of the film's R-rating for gratuitous cursing. Gratuitous, and hilarious.

Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green, an employee of Sergio. The story goes that Hill must get Aldous, the notorious rocker (looking a little like Robbie Jay), to a show in Los Angeles in a handful of days. Of course, the hard-partying Brit boy has other things on his mind, mostly, heroin.

"I just feel like it couldn't hurt to be on heroin," he justifies, nothing that British rockers don't die.

"Fucking Ozzy Osborne is going to outlive Miley Cyrus."

Brand is believable as the out-of-control rocker, even moreso than Hill as the uncomfortable and conservative Green. Even the party scenes seem like parties that might've really happened.

"Get Him to the Greek" is on the level of "Walk Hard" and "This is Spinal Tap," but is actually less profane and obscene than those. Further, "Get Him to the Greek" does an excellent job of creating characters that the audience can care about and a storyline that they can follow.

Part of the film's success is in the details. Aldous has a must-have wardrobe, the locations are exotic, tacky and perfect for a rock god and the music of Infant Sorrow is actually pretty good. Well, the music is good. The ridiculous lyrics aren't necessarily literary genius, but they are certainly funny. With titles like "Inside of You," The Clap" and "Banders, Beans & Mash," what else could you expect?

But it's not just party scenes and dirty lyrics that make "Get Him to the Greek Work," it's the spot-on performances by Brand and Hill, bringing to life Aaron and Aldous as misfit friends with heart-felt moments.

"Get Him to the Greek" is a great summer movie and will become a staple of rockumentary collections.

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