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NYC-band band hits Youngstown twice on tour

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Published: Fri, June 10, 2011 @ 12:24 a.m.

YOUNGSTOWN – On Friday, The Bloody Muffs appearance at University Pizzeria ended with Youngstown State University police checking on fireworks being set off.

Frontman Jonesy of the New York City-band says their Midwest tour has been filled with "crazy," "pretty awesome" and filled with "debauchery and drinking."

"The other night Jessica fell off the stage and ran outside to puke…she almost fell out of a window, too," he says.

"Then Erin improv'ed a song about me puking in the bathroom," Jessica said.

She says the fireworks haven't stopped and they'll pick up more in Missouri. The call came from outside Tulsa, Okla. on Thursday afternoon.

The Bloody Muffs played a show there and will play St. Louis, then Wisconsin and Indiana before returning for the second Youngstown show of the tour. That show will be at The Royal Oaks on Monday, June 13 with Obvious Culprit.

"We love Youngstown," Jonesy says.

He says they usually play Youngstown in the beginning of the tour, but wanted to make they they played Youngstown at the end this time.

"We wanted to show them at the end of the tour how much more fun it can be," he says. "It's a home away from home; we love it."

Jessica agrees and says the band has made new friends all over the country this time around.

"We're having a great time meeting new people in new markets," she says.

This tour, The Bloody Muffs' drummer, Kat, couldn't join them, so Erin is filling in.

Also joining the band is Youngstown resident Jack Bradway, known most recently as a radio personality on Internet radio station, ruKus.

Bradway says he learned of the band when ruKus on-air talent and The Kellys' bassist Moe Angelo played their song, "Fireworks and Beer," then again when a friend and DJ met them in Cleveland.

When they played The Royal Oaks in Youngstown recently, he and a group of friends got to meet them.

"I said, 'These people like to party,'" he says. "It happened from there."

After they posted a Facebook status update seeking help selling merchandise on the tour, he volunteered the two weeks of time to tour with The Bloody Muffs.

As an outsider he notes: "The crowds they're playing are so diverse: there's no one that doesn't like them."

They're touring in a rented Mercedes van, lovably called, "The Muffmobile."

While their lyrics and style are controversial, Bradway says "it's all in good fun."

"Half the population loves them, half the populate hates them and they'd rather play for the half that loves them," he says. "They live what they sing."

The Bloody Muffs will perform at The Royal Oaks on Monday, June 13 with Obvious Culprit.

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