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Generation Rock flexes its local musical muscle

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Published: Thu, February 16, 2017 @ 12:05 a.m.



Generation Rock, a new band with years of experience, will make its debut Feb. 25 at The Embassy in Boardman.

Each of the five members is a veteran of the local and even national scene, and shares a desire to stage some big rock shows.

The members are Leanne Binder (vocals, acoustic guitar), Rajma (guitar, fiddle, vocals), Patsy Palumbo (drums), Roy Guerrieri (bass, vocals) and Lake Baum (guitar, piano, vocals).

Binder has been performing solo and in bands for many years. Palumbo and Guerrieri were in Left End, which ruled the area in the ’70s; Rajma is best known for being in Graphic Pink and 5 Live; and Baum plays in Fat Angus and Radio Lark.

As its name implies, Generation Rock spans several generations. It also aims to generate a whole lot of musical muscle.

Binder discussed the band in this exchange with The Vindicator.

Q. What’s the story on how this local supergroup came to be, and what will it sound like?

A. Patsy, Roy and I had talked about it back in 2014 when the Youngstown Music Awards were going on. For a long time I had been looking for musicians to work with that had writing experience and big-stage experience, and we thought it would be a lot of fun and a chance to do something different. But I was very busy at the time, and we just couldn’t get schedules to jive. So jump about a year or so later and Patsy was at one of my solo gigs, and we were chatting and thought, “Hey, let’s give this thing another shot.” Roy was still interested, so it basically became about rounding out the players. I had played and toured with Rajma and knew he would be an amazing fit, and I was lucky enough to meet Lake [last year] and asked him to join. We got together, and it was really a lot of fun. We thought there was something unique about the pairing of the five of us. We span generations of music, which makes playing together an amazing experience. Because everyone comes from such different musical styles, there is an amazing blend of classic rock, blues and soul, country and R&B. Big vocals, huge harmonies, blistering guitar work, all driven by a freight train rhythm section.

Q. Will each member continue to work with their other bands?

A. All of us love making music with a lot of different people, and we all will continue to do so. Generation Rock will only work in a concert setting and in bigger venues. We put the band together to make each show an experience and will play as many shows as there is a demand for.

Q. In addition to covers, what original songs will you play?

A. The originals will be from our solo and other band recordings. We are currently writing new material for this project.

Q. What can folks who attend the first show expect?

A. To be transported back to the days when rock ’n’ roll was king. The party atmosphere of the Agora, the Spring Thing at Idora Park, the Arcade on the YSU campus, the Park Inn and JB’s – just to name a few.

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