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Putting community first atop its menu at Dino's Restaurant

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Published: Wed, May 2, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m.

If You Go

Where: Dino’s Italian Restaurant & Pizza, 10941 Mahoning Ave., North Jackson

Phone: 330-538-2263

Hours: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Menu: Burgers $5.69 to $10.99

Website: http://bit.ly/2Fg8SdG

By Eric Tranovich

Walk into Dino’s Italian Restaurant & Pizza on any day, and you are guaranteed to be met with a smile and a greeting so pleasant you’ll feel like you are at home with family.

This is exactly the kind of atmosphere that owner Greg DiNello wants to convey. We got a chance to talk to Greg throughout the evening and couldn’t help but be taken with his kindness and commitment to what he does.

“While being the owner of Dino’s Restaurant for the past 3 years, I have made the restaurant into a family atmosphere, where I give applesauce to toddlers, help customers take off and put on their coats, etc., and give them the atmosphere as if they are at home in their own dining room,” DiNello says of his experience running Dino’s. The BurgerGuyz recently visited Dino’s as word of mouth got to us that, despite the name, it’s more than just Italian cuisine.

Greg and the crew at Dino’s know how to cook up some worthwhile hamburgers that can satisfy anyone’s burger hankering. Greg is very proud that so much of his menu is homemade, and the flavor backs up his story. As he said to us, “A lot of people think we just have Italian food, but really, we have a little of everything.” His menu boasts several tasty burgers, from a classic hamburger to the one-pound Ultimate Bacon Burger, with prices between $5.69 and $10.99. Each burger is served with choice of French fries (regular or fresh cut), but sweet potato fries, onion rings, pasta, or mashed potatoes can be substituted for $1.29. There also is the option to add coleslaw for $1.29 or a salad for $1.79.

After we all ordered, Greg was gracious enough to bring us some of their perfectly cooked, homemade hot chips to try, as well as some of their very tasty homemade peppers and oil, which just happened to be served with fresh, homemade pita bread. After all the homemade goodness, we were excited to check out the main course. I thought my burger truly lived up to its name, the Ultimate Bacon Burger. Each bite made me want more. Of course, the hot peppers I added to the top made the experience burst through the roof with deliciousness. JT, between bites, said of his burger, “old-fashioned deliciousness. It’s simply bursting with flavor. If I lived in North Jackson, I would be here every day.” Anthony seconded that, and added, “Twice on Sunday. The fresh, house-made rolls are fantastic. Definitely makes a difference.” Chiz and Scott, fighting over the last of the peppers and oil, both agreed with the assessment that homemade is better. Chiz remarked, “I love hot peppers and eat them ... a lot. These rank very high. They’re very remarkable.”

Overall, each of us was extremely pleased with our visit. When you go, we’re sure you’ll be met with the same delicious offerings that we had, no matter the time of day. But the story does not end there. Read more about Dino’s and Greg DiNello’s story at www.vindy.com/weblogs/burgers. While you’re there, catch up on the juicy, savory action of the Badurik’s Butcher Block 2018 Meat 16 Cheeseburger Challenge.

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