Comics, art and more at expo

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Staff report


The Youngstown Independent Creators Exposition, or Yo-ICE, will take place Saturday at First Presbyterian Church, 201 Wick Ave., from noon to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

The show, now in its fourth year, is a showcase for local comic-book artists and writers, as well as artists, photographers, print-makers, T-shirt designers and more.

Displaying and selling their work at this year’s event will be:

Bob Corby of Columbus, founder of SPACE, his own small press show in Columbus. Corby publishes under his own imprint, Back Porch Comics.

Craig Latchawof Youngstown who recently published a collection of his creation, Galactic Man. Kelci Crawford, who recently published “The Case of the Wendigo,” a book about capturing a wendigo, a demon that is causing havoc.

Elise Petras, co-writer and artist at Makeshift, a weekly comic strip that she produces with her sister.

Chris Yambar, the Youngstown-based artist and writer who created the Mr. Beat comic and has worked on Simpsons comic-book titles.

Michael Fehskens of Columbus, who produces colorful children’s comics, children’s books and prints that glow under a black light, and are animal-related.

Joel Cramer, creator of all-ages friendly comics posters and coloring pages.

Vesenia Lindsey, creator of Celeste Pulse, a modern fantasy.

Steven Hines, creator of comics, graphic novels, a young adult novel and other items.

Others taking part include Jonathan Ruple, artist; Scott Stoner ,novelty comics, T-shirts and Youngstown team apparel; Tommy Session, jewelry, candles and art; Carlos Rivera, prints, mini comics and biographical zines; and Michael Lusby, Sarah Graham and James Waldeck.

The event will include panel discussions on various subjects, including how to make a mini comic, plus live interviews with creators and more.

Family-friendly merchandise tables will be marked for children.