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Belleria Pizzeria Austintown

Belleria Pizzeria Austintown

5625 Mahoning Ave., Austintown

Phone: 330-797-1787

Fax: 330-965-9939

Heated smoking area? Unknown

Smoking porch? Unknown

Restaurant details

Cuisine: American, Pizza

Delivery? No

Buffet? Unknown

Local establishment? Unknown

Outdoor seating? Unknown

Party room? Unknown

Reservations accepted? Unknown

Call-aheads accepted? Unknown

Kids menu? Unknown

Occasional live music? Unknown

Accepts barter? Unknown

Payment options

  • Credit card status unknown
  • No checks accepted


By cardude365 ( anonymous )

If you’re in the Austintown area and you were looking for a place to grab a bite to eat you would have a lot of choices, especially if you were predominantly craving pizza. Before you make your decision let me give you an insight about Bellaria and the way things are done at that particular Mahoning Avenue establishment.

First off the food is only satisfactory, pizza being the most tolerable, if you do decide to order anything avoid the kitchen at all costs. The prices are a bit high and continue to rise about every six months. You would notice this if you ordered every once in a while because you would have to pick up a new menu every other visit, or have it forgotten by one of the neglectful delivery personnel. I know we can all sympathize with the rising costs of products with the economy being inflated by high fuel costs, but let me point out what is really occurring here. As the prices continue to rise, first you notice you’re being charged for small things you were never charged for before, small cup of sauce for bread sticks etcetera. The next thing you then might notice is a decline in quality of first and foremost the food and also the way things are being packaged. Just reminding you the prices are still higher and you are receiving an inferior product than before. Finally the last straw, now the actual amount you receive is compromised; you actually pay more and receive less. Generally speaking; the management of the establishment is taking advantage of its loyal paying customers!

That’s not all you get when you make visit to Bellaria, I invite you to come in and see how unprofessional the management really is. The owner quite frankly, is very rude; treating his customers like cattle during a lunch rush. Herding them around the tight quarters of what you may considers a restaurant. The customer is rarely right at this place of business, if you have a problem with some of the slop you may have received, higher a lawyer because you will have to plead your case to the Supreme Court to get a refund here. Poor customer satisfaction is not the only undesirable trait of this restaurant; the employees are treated awfully as well.

What I am writing is simply what I see though my own two eyes. I don’t want anyone to take what I say as fact without doing their own research and I’m certainly not telling anyone what to do or how to spend their money. The real point I’m making is that you don’t have to deal with an establishment if you’re treated unfairly; with hundreds of choices the public needs to show businesses whose boss

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