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Charly's Family Restaurant by Mr B Austintown

Charly's Family Restaurant by Mr B Austintown

4455 Kirk Road, Austintown

Phone: 330-799-5569

Heated smoking area? Unknown

Smoking porch? Unknown

Restaurant details

Cuisine: American

Delivery? No

Buffet? Unknown

Local establishment? Unknown

Outdoor seating? Unknown

Party room? Unknown

Reservations accepted? Unknown

Call-aheads accepted? Unknown

Kids menu? Unknown

Occasional live music? Unknown

Accepts barter? Unknown

Payment options

  • Credit card status unknown
  • No checks accepted


By ablakleys ( anonymous )

the only family about this restaurant are those that are in the "loop" all other patrons need
to take heed. any problems you may have with your dinner will be firmly dismissed, and even the manager will be happy to talk down to you as a patron. i got the impression that my money or my dining experience was of no concern to the establishment. i sure won't want to be going back there again. i get better treatment at real restaurants!
and i can say that i have worked in a 4 star restaurant before for
5 years. i know how to treat a patron. too bad this restaurant doesn't.

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