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Covelli Centre

Covelli Centre

229 E. Front St., Youngstown

Phone: 866-448-7849, 330-746-5600

Fax: 330-746-5209

Heated smoking area? Unknown

Smoking porch? Unknown

Formerly Chevy Centre

Wheelchair accessibility: Very accommodating *

Upcoming events at Covelli Centre

July 2017

Event Times Cost Category

Youngstown Fourth of July fireworks

Tuesday, Jul. 4
9 p.m. N/A Community

All American Comics and Pop Culture Expo

Saturday, Jul. 8
10 a.m. N/A Sales Shows

All-Americon comics and Pop Culture Expo (330-393-3137)

Saturday, Jul. 8
N/A Sales Shows

All American Comics and Pop Culture Expo

Sunday, Jul. 9
11 a.m. N/A Sales Shows

All-Americon comics and Pop Culture Expo (330-393-3137)

Sunday, Jul. 9
N/A Sales Shows


Saturday, Jul. 15
7:30 p.m. $56.50 - $126.50 Music

WWE Summer Slam (1-800-745-3000)

Sunday, Jul. 30
7 p.m. N/A Special Events

August 2017

Event Times Cost Category

Summer Jam featuring Doug E. Fresh and Shock G (1-800-745-3000)

Saturday, Aug. 5
7 p.m. N/A Music


Sunday, Aug. 27
N/A Activities

Past events

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By cyndi ( anonymous )

please get someone there we want to see ! hockey team in youngstown ohio ? smells like the old youngstown pride basketball team . the memories will show up on ebay in a few years as a collectiable

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Would comedy acts work well here? Is there interest in such a thing? I know the funny farm is closed but in the handful of times I have been there in the last 2 years the place always appeared to be packed. Actually I don't see why comedy wouldn't be a decent draw. I mean Seinfeld played at the Cathedral in New Castle.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

comedy acts are pretty terrible in front of an audience that big; there's a certain kind of intimacy you need with stand-up comedy. nonetheless, i think it would be a decent draw, but i can't think of any decent comedians who do shows that big.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

You are right. Comedians can't all be Dane Cook (thank you baby Jesus) Though I don't think Dane would play a 5000 seat venue in Youngstown, would he?
Maybe like a comedy tour of sorts like the "Comedians of Comedy" or yechhh dare I say "the Blue Collar Comedy Tour" or double yechhhhh "The Bob and Tom Comedy Tour".
Did I mention YECH?

By spoulton ( Sarah Poulton )

Maybe someone should open a comedy club downtown. Start it off with some smaller, less know, or even local acts and charge like $10 to get in. Picture this: Dinner at 6ish at somewhere like the MVR or even Rosetta Stone, Comedy Club from like 8 to 11, then Cedars or Barleys to catch a show. Or, maybe hit up Imbibe for a more intimate atmosphere. Sounds like an awesome date to me.

The comedy club could even do a "family friendly" version of some shows starting at 5 or 6 to draw in parents with kids. The Chevy Centre having comedy isn't a bad idea, but like Mackey said (yes, I agree with him this time), comedy in front of a big crowd isn't nearly as entertaining as a small one.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

To the endearing Ms. Poulton,
Being someone lacking in brains, looks, muscle, and disposable capital, I can not provide this sort of venue personally. I can only offer my intended promise of a glorious return to the downtown with family and wallet in tow if such a thing were to happen.
I will refrain from being a "Negative Ned" this time around except to say, unless you have an interest in minor league hockey there isn't very much going on at the Chevy Centre, unfortunately.

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

i saw the comedians of comedy in a place not much bigger than the nyabinghi. patton oswalt made fun of youngstown. comedians would probably be more at home at someplace like the deyor, where lewis black performed about a year ago.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

"The comedy club could even do a "family friendly" version of some shows starting at 5 or 6 to draw in parents with kids."

are you suggesting that a comedy club ask comedians to tone down their acts for earlier shows? i can't really think of any comic that would agree to that, and i'm not sure if a stand up comedy club is a good place to bring kids. there's a certain atmosphere you need to be funny.

By WesHightower ( anonymous )

Why Mr. Mackey,
All this crazy talk from you this week.
First with the whole logic and reasoning in the Phil Kidd discussion and now with the suggestion that a nightclub might not be the best place for children?
You so crazy!

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

call me crazy, but sometimes it's a good idea to THINK about your ideas before you share them.

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