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1497 Boardman Canfield Road, Boardman Township

Phone: 330-629-9730

Heated smoking area? No

Smoking porch? Unknown

Wheelchair accessibility: Very accommodating *

Restaurant details

Cuisine: American, Fast Food, Sandwiches

Delivery? No

Buffet? Unknown

Local establishment? Unknown

Outdoor seating? Unknown

Party room? Unknown

Reservations accepted? Unknown

Call-aheads accepted? Unknown

Kids menu? Unknown

Occasional live music? Unknown

Accepts barter? Unknown

Payment options

  • Credit card status unknown
  • No checks accepted

* Restaurants are rated either: Very accommodating, ADA-compliant, Inaccessible.  For more detailed accessibility profiles, check wiredonwheels.com.


By djicey99 ( anonymous )

Too bad this place closed and was replaced by an overpriced bw3s "like" place.

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