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Shakers Bar and Grille

Shakers Bar and Grille

4520 Belmont Ave., Liberty Township

Phone: 330-759-0465

Heated smoking area? Yes

Smoking porch? Yes

DJ Thursday, Friday and Saturday. $9.99 steak dinners on Friday. NFL Network.

Wheelchair accessibility: ADA-compliant *

Past events

* Restaurants are rated either: Very accommodating, ADA-compliant, Inaccessible.  For more detailed accessibility profiles, check wiredonwheels.com.


By DrGoldbloom ( anonymous )

This place is really exquisite on the inside,unfortunately,on most nights it's filled with mafioso-gotti wannabe types.

By Justadrunk ( anonymous )

Shakers cool little spot on the north side of Youngstown in the Liberty area. They are quickly becoming known for their stuffed burgers, smoked ribs(summer months), spit cooked chicken and much more! The big attraction to the venue is the paio!!! It is surrounded by a well maintained woody landscape (not a parking lot) that is lit at nite with tiki tourches and rope lights perfect for every occation but don't take my word for it. Go to FACEBOOK group I GO TO SHAKERS and see for your self whats going on at Shakers Bar and Grill.

(Requires free registration.)

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