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Slim's Bar & Grille

Slim's Bar & Grille

2844 Market St., Youngstown

Phone: 330-788-7335

Heated smoking area? Unknown

Smoking porch? Unknown

Online: http://www.myspace.com/slimslivemusic

Ongoing events at Slim's Bar & Grille

Event Times Cost Category

RockBand Tuesdays

Every Tuesday
8 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. Free Music

Past events


By Jerry_Haymaker ( anonymous )

HAYMAKER is booking first quarter 2010. If you want the area's greatest cover band, please contact me before we are all booked out!!

By JackD ( anonymous )

Slims is AWFUL! It's just a former underage bar that the owners had to sell so this Slim guy bought it cheap, made it 21+ and wonders why no one goes. My deal is I ordered food one night and SAW HIM DROP IT THEN SERVE IT TO ME.

By Slim ( anonymous )

Thank you for your opinion on my bar. I feel bad you had a terrible time, really I do. However I would enjoy if you stated facts instead of made up stories. IF you can come in here and even point out which person I am that I dropped your food on the ground, I'll be impressed. Also, please if you have nothing good to say about bars, don't say anything, Barley's is a great place too.(and I highly doubt anyone got punched by a bouncer there) So go drink another Jack Mr. D and try to have a happier life.

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