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Youngstown Takes Another L...

By: Dr. Goo

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January 6, 2009

Youngstown Takes Another L...

Today, I read in the paper that the Youngstown Playhouse will be moving out of the building they have spent about 50 years in. They site problems with donations, location and the building its self as the reasons for the move. The article then states that they have 6 different locations that they are considering finishing their season in. All 6 are in the suburbs. I have seen the board of directors hire a man that filled the arena theater with concrete, and let one of their employees cut off water in the winter(which led to 2 pipes busting). Even after those things I believe moving the Youngstown Playhouse to the suburbs was the worst decision ever made by the board of directors.

Many people will say this is the best thing for the Youngstown Playhouse. They will talk about how the Playhouse will be more appealing ,because it's not on the south side of Youngstown, or how the heating bill will not be as high. This decision the Playhouse probably will not cause the Playhouse to lose any money, costumers, or volunteers, but it will lose the most important thing any theater could have, its soul. The Youngstown Playhouse is a big part of Youngstown history. Many famous people have performed there, and even some have gotten their start there. It's the oldest on going community theater in America.By moving it, it is no longer that magical place with great history, but just another community theater.

Youngstown has been robbed of the national treasure that was the Youngstown Playhouse. Now it will operate in another place, trading greatness with the conveniences of a suburban location. A trade that Youngstown got the worst part of



By TJM ( anonymous )

While I agree with the sentiment. They moved the playhouse for vaiid reasons. I have to ask, What were you willing to do make them want to stay?

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

Some of the reason were valid. Some of them not so much.. But i dont believe this is the best venue to tell the reasons why i think the Playhouse is moving.

But what was I willing to do? A lot, I have done a lot for the playhouse, and I'm not the only one who has done things. I'm sure if there are many people that would have stepped in if they knew the playhouse needed help, myself included.

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

I'm sure there are many people that would have stepped in if they knew the playhouse needed help, myself included.

By TJM ( anonymous )

"Some of the reason were valid. Some of them not so much.. But i dont believe this is the best venue to tell the reasons why i think the Playhouse is moving."

Fair enough, but I do think this move will make it easier for the Playhouse to run more smoothly then if they stayed on the south side. Have they released any Numbers on how much money they expect to have so heating alone yet?

On the plus side you still have the Oakland Center for the Arts right in downtown Youngstown.

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

I think the move could benefit business a lot (that's if they actually find a place). But what is good for business is not always what is right.

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

glenwood is the south side???

news to me, tjm. in other news, i have TMJ

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

lol yea, it is the south side...

By girl_about_town ( The Girl )

i agree completely that the phouse leaving ytown is a terrible mistake. they could easily nab temporary space downtown, save up enough money and then buy a permanent space...there's a theater space for sale right now in the huntington bank building.

what's sad is the continued mismanagement and faulty leadership. in the 2 months since the phouse closed, what has the board done to fundraise, reach out to the community, or generate press in any way? and the people who suffer are performers like you, who sacrificed so much already. it really is a shame.

do you know anyone on the board right now?

By Buck_Turgidson ( anonymous )

I don't even know where to begin. First of all, you should try and get your 8th-hand facts straight. Turning off water is what you SHOULD do when leaving an empty building. That was done. What couldn't be done was empty the sprinkler system without the Fire Marshall's consent. Since the managing director was no longer employed at the Playhouse as of last month, it fell on the board to do it. And once again, they massively failed.

Second, the Playhouse's history began WELL BEFORE the building on Glenwood and will continue after it. It is the actors/directors/crew/etc. that give a theater it's heart and soul, not a dilapidated building that sucks up about $15,000 a month in the winter just for utilities/insurance.

Then you say you would have stepped in and done something if you knew. Um, excuse me, but YOUR MOTHER IS ON THE BOARD! Each meeting for the last year has started with an account from the treasurer stating "We have no money". What more do you want? And what are you magically going to do? As I said, unless you could raise $15,000 a month for the place, it would basically be futile.

You yourself said that the organization will do better elsewhere. So if you really cared about the Playhouse you would be happy. Instead it seems you just care about a cold, wet, unfinished building in the hood, not the people who filled the place with talent and gave the community many good memories.

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

You need to leave watter on in the winter to make sure pipes do not bust any time.

The problem is not the fact they are moving out of the building. What they are moving it out of YOUNGSTOWN which is the problem I have.

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )


By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

ahhh sorry, I was writing in a rush.

Here is what I meant to say.

A: Turning off the water in winter is a bad decision, no matter who's idea it was. Although I seriously doubt it was December that the water was shut off.

B: Even though my mother is on the board we are not connected at the hip. I have no idea what goes on in board meetings. If the board had actually tried to reach out to people farther than the board meetings it probably wouldn't be as crappy as it is now.

C: While the Playhouse has not always been in that building it has always been in Youngstown. It moving to the suburbs is really my huge gripe with it.

By bobservo ( Bob Mackey )

there's no drama like community theater drama

By North_Side_HOT_GIRL ( anonymous )

Obviously Buck Turgidson is far smarter than Dr. Goo AND bobservo, but who isn't?..There's no drama like having your mom on the board....Maybe Goo's mom and Bobservo's Dad got BOTH of you your AWESOME JOBS. Isn't there a steel factory still open up there that would hire you two as janitors?!?! If not, I'll hire both of you to clean the toilets at my establishment!...No wait...nevermind...you probably wouldn't be good at that either!!!!!

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

lol, what?

By north_side_girl ( anonymous )

according to her profile, the HOT north side girl likes throwing muses, and record stores that closed six years ago. and she simultaneously lives in canfield and florida.

well, got me beat. i manage to keep my whole body in the same place, and everyone knows that belly was waaaaay better than throwing muses. duh.

in conclusion, bentley lenhoff sounds like a soap opera villian, not a theater board director.

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

LOL, Bentley, despite his connection to some really uncool people *cough* Marc Dann *cough*, was actually cool. I normally don't don't say that about people, but he was.

LOL, wait you were talking about the sound of his name weren't you? :-(

By DrGoo ( Dr. Goo )

p.s. as far as I can tell, the Bentley's connection to Marc Dann is strictly a family relationship. I was not insinuating anything in my last post. Not that I think anyone one would take my post, but we've all seen Vindy.com posts...

By Dennick ( Robert Joki )

HA HA! You've got me picturing Bentley Lenhoff as Stefano...kidnapping a devil possessed Deidre Hall.

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